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Cowabunga, dude! The Simpsons gets the pixel art treatment in new video

You’ve seen it before, of course: the parting of the clouds, the nuclear-reactor-powered city of Springfield, Bart’s varying chalkboard standards, Lisa’s inability to stay in key (so jazzy!) in orchestra, skateboarding past tons of regular characters through the streets, and…Read more ›

Apple just rejected an app by sending out pics of a dude masturbating

Well, here’s one for the record books. Apple just rejected a developer’s app for violating its policies against pornographic content. Nothing weird about that, except for the way that Apple went about it: by sending that developer pictures of a…Read more ›

This dude in Detroit will trade you his house for an iPhone 6

If you’ve always wanted to own a dilapidated bungalow on Detroit’s East Side, but all you got is an iPhone 6, today is your lucky day, because one homeowner is so desperate to get rid of his house in Motorcity, he’ll trade…Read more ›

Faking a leak: How some dude on a toilet crapped out last week’s hottest Apple rumor

A story was widely circulated throughout the blogosphere last week about a rumor that Apple’s next EarPods would feature biometric sensors for reading health vitals. The “leak” was originally posted on Secret, an anonymous sharing platform, by someone claiming to be an…Read more ›

Endless Surf Is A Gnarly Kind Of Endless Runner, Dude [Review]

As its name suggests, Endless Surf is pretty much an endless runner with a whole lot more water involved. If you’re looking for a true to life surfing sim, complete with realistic board dynamics and the like, you’re going to…Read more ›    [Read More…]

The Tinke Lightning Dongle Measures Your Zen Level, Dude

zensorium-tinke-lightningZensorium’s Tinke is one of those gadgets that’s a little off the beaten path. Like many fitness gadgets, it can measure heart rate. What makes it different is that it’ll also measure blood oxygen levels and respiratory rate — and what it does with that data is even more unusual. The little pastel-colored dongle pairs […]

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