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Teardown reveals Apple Smart Keyboard is not repairable — but super durable

We’re just days away from carving up turkeys in the US, but the folks at iFixit are busting out the blades a little early for their official teardown of the new Apple Smart Keyboard for the iPad Pro. A new teardown from iFixit reveals how Apple made the Keyboard/Smart Cover super durable by encapsulating the […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Apple’s next iPads will come with more durable Touch ID sensors

Not only are we likely to get Touch ID sensors included in all new iPhones and iPads this year — they will also be higher quality, too. A new report suggests that 2014′s refresh of Touch ID focuses on internal…

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iFixit Teardown Of Apples New EarPods Reveals More Durable Design [Gallery]

What makes the EarPods so special? iFixit takes a closer look.

Our own Charlie Sorrel gave Apple’s EarPods a glowing review, and now the fine folks at iFixit have dug deep into the internals of Apple’s latest earbuds to see what they’re made of. It took Apple three years of R&D to design the EarPods, so we’re all hoping they mark a huge improvement over their predecessor.

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