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Apple Workers File Lawsuit For Losing Wages During Bag Searches

Some Mac users felt AppleFormer Apple Store employees from New York and Los Angeles filed a complaint to the San Francisco federal court that claims Apple’s workers are being shorted around $1,500 a year in unpaid wages while they wait in line for 30 minutes to have their bags searched. The class action suit claims that Apple’s “personal package […]

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Infinity Blade II Gained Almost 6 Million Players During App Store Giveaway

Infinity-Blade-IIWhen the App Store celebrated its fifth birthday last week, Apple made a number of top iOS apps and games free. One of those was Infinity Blade II, and it was the first time the title had been given away since its release in November 2011. So it’s hardly surprising it was a massive success. In […]

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Top 8 Things To Do In The Bay Area During WWDC 2013 [Feature]









You won’t have a lot of spare time at the World Wide Developer’s Conference — what with the sessions and a packed schedule of parties — but here are a few great ways to spend those precious hours, whether you know San Francisco like you know your code or are here for the first time.


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Sky Sports For iPad Now Lets You Choose Your Own Camera Angles During Replays


When you’re watching the game, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could replay key moments from any camera angle you choose?

With the latest Sky Sports update for iPad, you can. Launching just in time for the upcoming UEFA Champions League final, Sky Sports 360 is a brand new feature that lets viewers select and replay exciting moments from over 20 different camera angles.

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Should Apple Disable iPhone Notifications During A Call In iOS 7? [Let’s Talk]


Over at The New York Times, Bits columnist Nick Bilton has a gripe to pick with Apple. He doesn’t like the fact that push notifications keep pouring in during a voice call on the iPhone. ”Even when the device is placed on mute, it vibrates when a notification comes in, rattling your skull for a never-ending second,” says Bilton.

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AltWWDC Encourages Devs To Meet & Mingle During WWDC


Didn’t get a ticket to WWDC this year? Don’t worry, you’re certainly not the only one. But if you were looking forward to a week out of the office, then there is another event you can attend instead.

It’s called AltWWDC, and it’s a free, open alternative to Apple’s prestigious conference that encourages Mac and iOS developers to meet up and mingle and discuss the latest software from Cupertino. You won’t get your  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs’ Widow Set To Speak Out On Immigration Policy During Rock Center Interview


Steve Jobs’ widow, Laurene Powell Jobs has kept herself busy with a number of different projects since the passing of her late husband. Yet, despite hanging out with the Clintons, one thing Jobs hasn’t done is offer an interview to a major news outlet.

Friday, April 12th on Rock Center with Brian Williams, Laurene Powell Jobs is set to be interviewed, for the first time since Steve’s passing, to advocate for  [Read More…]

The ‘iPad Is For Porn’ Ad Apple Refused To Air During The Oscars [Video]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3qBbzL0oNQ?feature=oembed&w=640&h=360]

Skewering Apple’s recent ads aired during the Oscars, Conan O’Brien spells out for everyone what the iPad is really used for more than almost anything else: porn. Of course, the iPad mini is even better, since you can hold it with one hand.

Source: YouTube Via: Gizmodo

Apple Airs New Hollywood Themed iPad TV Ad During Oscars [Video]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8pj3WQyOzY?rel=0]

As the company is known to do during high profile TV events, Apple aired a new ad during tonight’s Academy Awards. The ad was appropriately themed for filmmakers. Various iPad apps were shown off with the taglines “lights,” “camera,” and “action.”

This ad is very similar to the two iPad TV spots Apple aired last week, “Alive” and “Together.”

Source: YouTube

Tim Cook Will Sit Next To Michelle Obama During State Of The Union Address Tomorrow


Apple CEO Tim Cook will be rubbing shoulders with the Obama family at the U.S. State of the Union address on Tuesday, February 12th. First Lady Michelle Obama has apparently invited Cook to sit in her box while President Barack Obama gives his speech.

Cook “will be joined by military families, those championing immigration reform and those whose lives have been touched by gun violence,” according to the San Jose Mercury  [Read More…]