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Mysterious dwarf planet gets NASA and space geeks buzzing

The dwarf planet named after the Roman goddess of motherly relationships will soon have a new friend. And scientists and space-exploration geeks here on Earth can’t wait for that friend, the space probe Dawn, to start dishing. Dawn, launched in…Read more ›

iOS Figures Dwarf Android’s When It Comes To Christmas-Time Shopping

One of the big problems with focusing on a broad metric like mobile platform market share is that it ignores some of the more important (and complex) questions about how these platforms are actually used. For example, which customers are…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Apples iPad Shipments Dwarf RIMs PlayBook Numbers 19 to 1 [Report]

We knew Apples iPad dwarfed RIMs PlayBook, but now the image seems even more lopsided, thanks to shipping numbers from a group of analysts. The Cupertino, Calif. company shipped 19 iPads each time the BlackBerry maker shipped one of its rival devices. Little wonder RIM, facing financial scrutiny Thursday, is back concentrating on its smartphones.   RIM sold 490,000 of the seven-inch PlayBook tablets versus 9.25 million iPads shipped during the  [Read More…]