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How to Enable Dynamic Desktops in MacOS Mojave

Dynamic Desktops are a new feature in MacOS that allow the desktop background wallpaper of a Mac to change throughout the day as the time changes. Perhaps the most prominent example of this feature is the default desktop in macOS Mojave of desert sand dunes, which when Dynamic Desktops is enabled will time-shift the scene … Read More

How to Get Dynamic Desktops on Any Version of Mac OS – Without Mojave!

Dynamic Desktops are an interesting feature in MacOS Mojave that cause the desktop wallpaper to change throughout the day with the time, mimicking the changes in lighting that would occur in a scene as the day and night progresses. It’s a subtle but cool feature that brings some life to an otherwise static wallpaper. But … Read More

Triplecorder didn’t have a dynamic sound but it sure looked pretty

There was a time when a device that had more than one function was something to behold. It took a real feat of engineering to make a machine that could do several things without taking up a good chunk of…Read more ›

Get Thousands Of Design Assets And More With The Dynamic Designer Bundle [Deals]

If you’ve been looking to add a ton of tools to your designer toolbox to start off the year, then this Cult of Mac Deals offer is going ot be right up your alley. The Dynamic Designer Bundle features thousands…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Birdseye Makes Email on the iPad More Visual, Dynamic, and Yes, Even Fun [Daily Freebie]

birdseye-1  The words “fun” and “email” probably don’t belong together. But of the small handful of email apps available for the iPad, Birdseye is certainly the most fun. It’s also the most dynamic, with some cool tricks that should come standard with the stock iPad Mail app. Birdseye’s interface is so streamlined it makes the […]

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Enable Dynamic Text Size In Apps That Support It With iOS 7 Beta [iOS Tips]

Dynamic TypeLet’s be honest–sometimes it gets a little tricky to see the stuff on those tiny little iPhone screens, especially as we all get a little (ahem) older. While the accessibility feature to set large text has been around for a while, there’s a new feature in iOS 7 beta that holds promise, and isn’t actually […]

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Design Elaborate Websites With The Dynamic Website Design Course [Deals]

CoM - Web Design Course

If you lean more toward the creative side, web design is for you! Don’t be intimidated by code, design is a fun hobby that can turn into a fruitful side gig or lucrative career. With an abundance of sharp themes and templates, just about anyone can create a clean-looking site.

This Cult of Mac Deals offer will help you take it to the next level with The  [Read More…]

Shazam Launches New iPad App With Auto Tagging, Dynamic Home Screen

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 16.22.43

Shazam has today launched a universal app offering iPad support for the very first time. The release boasts a number of nifty new features, including auto tagging, a dynamic home screen, the ability to flip through recent matches, and more.

Shazam’s new auto tagging feature is great. Turn it on and your iPad will automatically listen out for music, TV shows, and TV ads that are playing  [Read More…]

WSJ: Jony Ive’s Design Sense, Influence Felt In New Apple Management Dynamic

No more leather stitching!

No more leather stitching!

According to a new report at the Wall Street Journal, Apple’s new management team dynamic, which includes design maven Jonathan Ive at the helm of both the hardware and software teams behind iOS, is seeing a new era of collaboration. ONe source familiar with the matter went so far as to call the exchange of ideas between Ive and human interface lead Greg Christie, known  [Read More…]