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Your Apple Watch may arrive earlier than expected

When shipping estimates for the Apple Watch fell to June in only a matter of minutes, many preorder customers were left frustrated and in despair. But there’s hope yet: Apple is already preparing to ship Watch orders that originally weren’t…Read more ›

Apple Watch may enter mass production earlier than expected

Apple is said to have resolved yield issues with various Apple Watch components, and the device is set to go into mass production in January — one month earlier than many were expecting — according to a new report from…Read more ›

AT&T will get iPhone 6 in your hand earlier than expected

> Apple fans hoping to skip waiting in line for the iPhone 6 on launch day were shocked to see pre-order times plummet within the first hours of what Apple’s dubbed a record breaking number of pre-orders. Many walked away…Read more ›

Apple Offering WWDC Tickets To Devs Who Couldn’t Buy Them Earlier


This morning, tickets went on sale for Apple’s 2013 Worldwide Developers Conference at $ 1,500 a piece. In a matter of two minutes the conference was sold out, and many developers were left staring at their computer screens with mouths agape.

But it looks like Apple didn’t sell all of the tickets just yet. Apple is reserving tickets and offering them to developers who were able to place their orders online.

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Apple Was Worth More Than All The Banks In Europe Earlier Today

You might think the financial climate in America is bad now that weve had our credit downgraded by S&P, but were in good shape compared to Europe, where EU ministers have spent much of the past year playing whack-a-mole with member nations credit problems. In fact, all it will take by many estimates is one European country to default on its debt for the whole Eurozone to collapse. Heres how  [Read More…]