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How to Test That AirPods Pro Fit Your Ears Properly

Apple’s AirPods Pro are the first AirPods that fit into your ear canal, rather than just sitting in the outside of your ear. That means that they can create a much better seal, resulting in better sound quality, and a better overall experience. But for all that to work properly you need to make sure … Read More

Save your ears from Apple Music’s endless loops

Sometime in the last few weeks, I’ve had a big problem with Apple Music. Whenever I’d start an album or playlist, I’d only hear the first song I chose, over and over and over. I’d hit the Up Next list button and see the same song, endlessly repeated. The fix is an easy one, but […]

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Treat your ears to awesome Apple Music playlists

Apple Music has some amazing playlists created just for you, with humans behind the scenes making perfect mixes of music that fits your specific style and music tastes. You can make your own playlists, too, and share them out to friends and family, but what if you want to see other people’s playlists? There’s just […][Read More…]

Gadget lets you hear music without wrecking your ears

The best Beats headphones can’t help you if your ears are unable to hear certain subtle sounds. You can crank up the volume, but that only puts your hearing in peril. The creators of Aumeo want to change the way…Read more ›

Only your ears can save you in this creepy horror game

Imagine exploring a creepy house full of eerie and unfamiliar sounds, supernatural horror dripping from every bannister and behind every mysterious, creaking door. Now imagine entering such a disturbing environment when you’re blind. Cassie is the blind young protagonist of…Read more ›

Treat your ears to the weirdest holiday songs ever

It’s easy to list off classic songs of the season, isn’t it? Even now, the hit holiday tunes we all know by heart rush up the music charts every year, gracing radio and streaming options for the happiest season of…Read more ›

Bowers & Wilkins P7 headphones will dazzle your ears and your eyes

It’s ludicrous but true: How headphones look can be nearly as important as how they sound. Luckily for anybody who slides a pair of Bowers & Wilkins P7s over their ears, these high-end headphones do double duty. They will bamboozle…Read more ›

Entertain your eyes and ears with The CultCast on Youtube!

That’s right our ever popular podcast – The Cultcast hosted by Efron Elijah – is now also on our Cult of Mac TV Youtube channel, giving you a new way to digest your favourite 30 minute (ish!) Apple conversation, along…Read more ›

Bluetooth Guitar Pedal Will Thrill Your Ears But Hurt Your Brain [Review]

IK Multimedia is responsible for a veritable boat-load of music peripherals and apps, like the hard-rocking guitar crunch of effects app Amplitube and the portable MIDI keyboard iRig Keys. If you’re a musician interested in working with iOS devices on…Read more ›    [Read More…]

For $10, The Sprng Will Make Apple’s EarPods Actually Stay On Your Ears

sprng-closeup-660x572If you’re like me, you love Apple’s EarPods, but you wish they fit just a liiiittle better. Apple has done a great job of creating a design that fits just about any ear canal fine, but the EarPods don’t stick like a pair of expensive in-ears. Ohm Industrial Design has a new accessory out called the Sprng […]

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