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Above: Cassini orbiting Saturn ten days before the imaging event, fully illuminated in sunlight. Simulated by SkySafari Pro on an iPhone 5.Some space geeks are calling today “The Day the Earth Smiled,” because the Cassini probe is set to take a picture of our planet as seen from Saturn later this afternoon. To honor this momentous occasion, the maker of astronomy software SkySafari is giving away basic versions for iOS and  [Read More...]

GoogleearthGoogle published a big update for it’s Google Earth app for iOS today. The new version includes an improved UI with a left hand panel that makes it easier to enable different layers of information. Along with the refreshed UI, the Google Earth update adds Google Maps Street View to the service so you can [...]

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Check this out: up on the International Space System, Colonel Chris Hadfield uses an iPad as a teleprompter when recording transmissions for Earth. It looks like the app he’s using is Teleprompt+ for iPad, a $ 15 app that lets you film yourself via Facecam while reading your lines from the iPad display.

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Is Apple to blame for its sliding stock?

Is Apple to blame for its sliding stock?

It’s hard to forget the day that Apple surpassed Exxon Mobil to become the most valuable publicly traded company in the world. But a lot has happened to Apple’s stock since August of 2011. AAPL has ridden a chaotic roller coaster on the stock market. After announcing a record holiday quarter Wednesday with $ 54.5 billion in revenue  [Read More...]

NASA image of USA at night

Wallpaper time! But first, some backstory: NASA and NOAA joined up last year to launch the Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership satellite, and other than delivering tons of interesting scientific details of the Earth’s atmosphere and surface, that satellite has provided some incredible imagery of our little blue dot at night. That aforementioned imagery makes for some stunning wallpapers, and the resolutions provided are gigantic sizes at up  [Read More...]

Props to the indefatigable Onion News Network for breaking this important story: Apple is promising an update by Christmas that will fix iOS 6 Maps’ unreliable mapping results by physically altering the shape and geography of the Earth’s crust. That’s a solution that Steve “You’re holding it wrong” Jobs could be proud of.

Source: The Onion

See The Whole Earth In The iOS 6 Maps App [iOS Tips]

Now, this is fun. You may have heard that Apple ditched Google maps and navigation data to create their very own new Maps app using Tom Tom data. While some of the pros and cons of such a move are beyond this little iOS tip today, a little hidden feature of the new Maps App is not.

So, if you have an iOS device that will support it, try this fun little  [Read More...]

Just make the screen bigger, ok?

An internal Samsung email was submitted today into evidence in the Apple vs. Samsung case being heard in Northern California. In the correspondance, head of mobile communications for Samsung JK Shin praises the iPhone, and describes the difference between his own company’s user experience and that of the iPhone as “the difference between heaven and earth.”

It’s fairly rough evidence for the Korean electronics maker, who  [Read More...]

Photo by LuMag00 – http://flic.kr/p/8RneUy

The folks at Canlys this morning are doing what analysts are fond of: playing the ‘if’ game. If iPads were included in the same category as computers, Apple might soon overtake HP as the world’s largest PC maker — particularly if the Cupertino, Calif. company launches the iPad 3, anticipated by many to be a 2012 release. Canalys, which does count tablets as PCs, expects Apple  [Read More...]

It’s taken months to reach this point, but Apple has finally announced that iCloud is not only real, it’s also coming soon. And while we continue to debate the rumored ins-and-outs of the service and its supposed attributes, we’ll only have to wait until next Monday to get some answers. That’s when Apple chief Steve Jobs will take the stage at Moscone Center at the World Wide Developers Conference to give a hands-on demonstration of iOS  [Read More...]