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Apple donates $1.6 million following major Chinese earthquake

Apple has donated 10 million yuan ($ 1.6 million) to support relief efforts in China following the major earthquake in the country’s Yunnan Province earlier this week. The 6.5-magnitude earthquake is the worst disaster to have hit the area in a…Read more ›

This Seismograph Looks Like An Earthquake, But It’s Actually iOS 7.1 Hitting The Net [Chart]

From a tectonic perspective, any time Apple releases a new version of iOS, it’s like an Earthquake hit the internet. But you might be surprised by how high on the Richter Scale an Apple iOS release is. This chart by…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Earthquake in New York City Evacuates Apple Store on Fifth Avenue [Photo]

Did you feel that? That was the question many were asking on the east coast a couple of hours ago. A 5.8-magnitude earthquake sent tremors through New York and the New England area this afternoon, with the epicenter located inVirginia. 9to5Mac has obtained a photo of Apples evacuated flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York City. Once the quake hit, Apple employees and customers were evacuated to Central Park while  [Read More…]

Earthquake Warning Is Now Included In iOS 5 For Japanese Users.

According to an iPhone user from Japan, An early earthquake warning notification is now included in iOS 5 in Japan. The feature can be turned on from the iOS 5 Notification Center settings panel. Earthquake-Warning This new feature gives out warning before an earthquake hits by seconds to one or two minutes. Also this feature  [Read More…]

Apple Will Provide Free Repairs For All Devices Damaged By The Earthquake In Japan

Apple has always been a company committed to social and again shown not to be indifferent to the problems suffered by its customers. As reported by TUAW, Apple have decided to offer free repairs for all devices that were damaged after the earthquake in Japan last March.The list of devices that can benefit from this service includes Mac, Apple Cinema Display, iPhone, iPad, iPod. In short, the entire range of products that Apple may receive free treatment.This action  [Read More…]

CAPCOM and SEGA Put iPhone / iPad Games on Sale, Pledge to Donate Proceeds to Japan Earthquake Relief

Im sure that by now youve heard of the horrible 8.9 magnitude earthquake that struck Japan on Friday. More than a thousand people have lost their lives, countless have been injured and losses worth billions of dollars (or zillions of yen) have shook the country and its people. Those who are able to, are urged to donate to Japanese Red Cross Society or alternatively, by purchasing an iOS video game!

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Apple Taking Donations via iTunes to Help Earthquake Victims in Japan

Click the image to open in full size.  Apple has begun taking donations through iTunes, to help the victims of the devastating 8.9 magnitude earthquake and resulting tsunami that hit Japan on Friday. 100% of the donations will go directly to the American Red Cross and Apple is waiving its usual 30% fee. Apple is accepting donations through the iTunes store in various denominations ranging from $ 5-$ 200. Unfortunately, you can’t use iTunes store  [Read More…]