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Make Animated GIFs from Movies in Mac OS X with Drag & Drop Ease

Creating animated GIFs out of a movie file or or video usually requires a bit of effort, but now you can convert a movie into an animated GIF on a Mac with drag and drop simplicity, thanks to the aptly named Drop to GIF. Drop to GIF is a free app for Mac OS X … Read More

Where the ease of mobile and the power of desktop photo editing meet

One thing that apps like Instagram and VSCO have mastered is making photo retouching on a mobile device (e.g. smartphone, ipad, etc.) a breeze. Simple sliders grouped in easily understandable categories and real-time results make the editing process a snap. It’s fun and easy to dial in the overall look of an image on your […]

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Chronic pain patients can ease their suffering with an iPod touch

From the health-tracking features of the Apple Watch to iPhone cases capable of predicting strokes, there are more and more medical devices involving Apple products. Perhaps the most amazing so far, however, involves a newly-launched medical technology which allows chronic pain patients to…Read more ›

Bendgate Day 3: Best bendy iPhone 6 jokes to ease your pain

We are three days into the Bendgate controversy, and while Apple says they’re seriously investigating why iPhone 6 Pluses are bending in users’ pockets, the company’s competitors and other brands are piling onto the controversy with a steady stream of bending…Read more ›

See how third-party keyboards will ease typing in iOS 8

iOS 8 introduces many convenient features and enhancements designed to make your iPhone even easier to use. Among these is keyboard update QuickType and support for installing third-party keyboards on iPhones, iPads and iPod touches. In today’s video, we’ll show…Read more ›

You Can Learn HTML5 And JavaScript With Ease [Deals]

We’re getting to the season where we start to think about taking on new challenges, and this Cult of Mac Deals offer will help those who want to tackle learning two of the most popular programmnig languages out there. In…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Rearrange, Pin, Or Delete Safari Top Sites Thumbnails With Ease [OS X Tips]

When you launch Safari these days, you’ll get the Top Sites page, showing all the sites you visit most frequently in Safari. If you’ve disabled this default view, you can get to it with a quick Option-Command-1 in Safari. Did…Read more ›    [Read More…]

9 Tricks to Ease a Cluttered Mac Desktop & Maintain Focus

Desktop clutter happens to the best of us, even if we try our hardest to maintain a remarkably simplified virtual workspace. Whether it’s way too many icons thrown all over the desktop from working with files, or just a million and one windows open for various apps, documents, and browser tabs, there are some simple ways to alleviate all of this, even if you’re right smack in the thick of things. The next time you’re inundated with some virtual clutter,  [Read More…]

MacFlux Delivers Powerful Mac Web Design With Ease [Last Chance!]

The latest Cult of Mac Deals offer delivers something that ensures you can create (and publish) your own professional-looking websites without having the skills of a professional web developer. Thats because MacFlux 4 makes it so easy and were offering it for 50% off at just $ 50!

What is MacFlux 4?

MacFlux 4 is an advanced HTML5 website design application, capable of creating stunning sites completely from scratch. This  [Read More…]

Carrier Partnerships Can Ease iPhone Roll Outs And Support

Carrier partnerships can offer one-stop shopping for mass iPhone deployments.

During our Mobile Management Month series, we noted that a number mobile management vendors have established strategic partnerships with consulting firms, telecom agents, and mobile carriers. According to a study, these kinds or partnerships are paying off for everyone involved – carriers, vendors, and business customers.

The research was a joint venture between technology industry associations CompTIA and Channel Partners. The results  [Read More…]