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Start making movies with one of the easiest video editors around

Videos are the new family slideshow, a way of turning visual memories into entertainment for friends and loved ones. Our computers double as digital junk drawers, with photos, video clips and audio recordings collecting in folders and collecting dust — one of the best ways to bring those memories back to the light of day […][Read More…]

The easiest, fastest way to stream content from your iPhone to your Mac is now 33% off [Deals]

Want to show off your vacation photos on a larger screen than your phone? Or quickly pull up a presentation that’s only on your friend’s iPad? We’ve all at some point wished there was a simple solution for streaming videos, apps,…Read more ›

CloudApp 3.0 is the easiest way to make GIFs on the Mac

CloudApp touts itself as your “clipboard in the cloud,” and today it received a major update. In case you’re unfamiliar, CloudApp is a menubar app for the Mac that can upload just about anything copied to your clipboard with a…Read more ›

Ultratext is the easiest way to create and share fun GIFs on the iPhone

I only recently got into the world of animated GIF memes, and that’s mainly thanks to a group of friends that like to inundate my iMessage with random stuff 24/7. Like any good millennial, I have some of my favorite GIFs…Read more ›

iTranslate is the easiest way to translate over 80 languages on the Mac

iTranslate has been one of the most popular language tools on iOS for a long time, and today it comes to the Mac. With support for over 80 languages, voice output to help with pronunciation, and a clean menubar app…Read more ›

Hate In-App Purchases? Here’s Why It’s The Easiest Way To Make Money On The App Store

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 10.53.40 AM

Do you hate in-app purchases? Sick of downloading an app only to discover its borderline unusable until you drop an extra five bucks? Sick of games that aren’t play to win, but pay to win?

Tough noogies. In-app purchases account for a staggering 76% of all iPhone App Store revenue, with 71% of all iPhone app revenue coming from in-app purchases for total free apps.

If  [Read More…]

GimmeMusic Is The Easiest Way to Discover Music Youve Never Heard Before on Your iPhone [Review]

Are you fed up with listening to the same old albums all the time? Sure, that UB40 compilation you made in 1983 has some pretty decent tracks on it, but wouldnt you like to discover something new? GimmeMusic for the iPhone is a free app from NexStudios that will help you discover new music. The beauty of this application apart from that free price tag is that its incredibly  [Read More…]