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All you comic lovers and designers out there…get ready. Cult of Mac Deals has some software on sale that takes your designs, characters and stories and puts them in motion to create the story you have been visualizing. We all… Read more ›     

Ruby programing is no joke and can get pretty complicated. The course being featured on Cult of Mac Deals this time around starts with the basics of the Ruby language so you can get up to speed and ready to… Read more ›     

If you’re constantly switching between devices while also handling large quantities of different document types, finding one app that allows you to easily sync them with each other is essential. That is pretty much the remit of the newly-launched Notebooks… Read more ›     

The new Shared Links feature in OS X Mavericks is a great way to keep track of what your friends and connections on social networks are sharing. Unfortunately, if you want to refresh that list, you need to use a… Read more ›     

Batch Processing PixelmatorOne of the things we get a lot here at Cult of Mac, especially in our coverage of games, is folders full of promotional images. Now, for a variety of reasons, we often need to change the type of those images from, say, PNG to JPG files. You can use Preview, of course, opening them […]

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Send Files via iMessageEver need to send a buddy a quick screenshot or file? How about sending a file from your iPhone to your friend on a Mac? Getting files from one computer to another is a fairly easy task, what with email and services like Dropbox around, but I’ve been using Messages to send files to friends, […]

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We’ve covered a handful of the best MKV player apps for the Mac before, but what if you have a Blu-Ray disc, DVD, or ISO that you want to make your own MKV file out of? Creating a watchable MKV file on your computer from a Blu-Ray or DVD is commonly called ‘ripping’, and that’s exactly what we’re going to show you how to do with a great app called MakeMKV. Other apps may get the job done as well,  [Read More...]

CoM - flux4_mainframe_630x473This is #BackToSchool week at Cult of Mac Deals. There will be several new deals launching each day. Check in here each day for new deals for #BackToSchool. There will be a ton of apps, gear, gadgets, games, and more to buy just in time for the start of school, so be sure to keep […]

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Notification Dismiss iOS 7Notifications in iOS 6 can be annoying, for sure. To dismiss them takes some funky gestures, which we tipped you on a while back. In iOS 7, however, notifications look different, and–thankfully–are a little easier to dismiss. Here’s how it works. When a notification drops down on your iPhone or iPad in iOS 7 beta [...]

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Siri Movie Trailers iPadThere’s a special delight to be had in watching upcoming movie trailers. Apple even has its own website and app dedicated to them. Watching a trailer is also a great way to find out if you want to even bother going to see a movie. So, if you’re hanging out, looking for something to do [...]

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