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Favorite Contacts for Notification Center: Access Phone Favorites Easily

Quickly call, message, or email from the Notification Center The Notification Center not only houses notifications, but has become a place for various tweaks and packages to offer capabilities and features to make things quicker and easier. If you are one that needs to have access to your favorites from your Phone quickly, Favorite Contacts for Notification is a viable choice. With it installed and enabled on the Notification Center (Settings -> Notifications -> Favorite Contacts  [Read More…]

Easily Generate CSS Background Gradient Code in Mac OS X

Instant CSS Gradients in Mac OS X Web designers and developers are well aware that creating CSS gradients is somewhat of a painful process. Sure there are a variety of web-based generator tools that make it easier, but you’ll often be left to scout around for different versions to get different CSS & CSS3 code pieces which then require manual tweaks in order to achieve  [Read More…]

Easily Track Your Packages In Mac OS X Lion Mail [OS X Tips]

Tracking shipped packages is fast and easy in Mac OS X Lion due to Apple Mails tight integration with WebKit. It is also one feature that Apple brought to Mac OS X from iOS that I actually like. Nowadays people order a lot of goods online from a variety of mail order companies. Once the transaction is complete you usually receive an email that summarizes your order and it often includes  [Read More…]

Easily Delete Notes in Notes.app with MultiNoteDelete

Since the beginning of iOS, the Notes.app has been a primary stock application that is included in every software update and hardware device. The Notes application comes in handy for a variety of reasons; what makes it useful is its convenient location and simple iOS functionality. However, just like any note, there is a time to trash it when it is no longer needed. This can be a cumbersome task when you have more than  [Read More…]

Share Files from Mac OS X to Windows PC’s Easily

Mac to Windows File Sharing If you have a mixed network of Mac and Windows PC’s, chances are good that you’ll be wanting to move files between the two operating systems. The easiest way to share files from Mac OS X to Windows is to enable Samba support for a given user account on the Mac. Samba (SMB) is a separate sharing option within OS X’s File Sharing panel, here’s how  [Read More…]

Easily Delete Mac App Store Apps With Launchpad [OS X Tips]

You can easily remove apps that you have purchased from the Mac App Store using the new Launchpad feature in Mac OS X Lion.  However, since Launchpad shows all the apps installed on your Mac you will need this tip to show you which ones it can delete. If you want to delete a Mac App Store app all you have to do is access Launchpad using the five-finger pinching gesture  [Read More…]

Easily Convert Selected Text To Spoken Tracks In iTunes On Lion [OS X Tips]

Here is a great tip that will let you convert any text that you can drag select into a spoken track delivered right into iTunes. You can then sync that track and take it with you on the go. Listen to what you might have been reading later or share it with friends and family.   Here is one example of how you can use this feature. I opened up  [Read More…]

College Students Can Easily Compare Textbook Prices With Amazon’s New App

Amazon has released a new iPhone app for college-bound students that offers online price comparisons for textbooks. As the school year beings, finding a good deal on class textbooks can be tricky. The new Amazon Student app lets users scan the barcode of a textbook and determine its trade-in value. Users can also buy new and used textbooks from Amazon.com and have them shipped from within the app. “College Students, keep  [Read More…]