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Use Your Keyboard To Filter Launchpad Apps Super Easily In Mountain Lion [OS X Tips]

Launchpad tries to bring an iOS-style apps interace to OS X. Whether you like it or now, it’s here to stay. Introduced in OS X Lion, Launchpad arranges the apps you have installed on your Mac in a grid array, much like the apps are arranged on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Of course, your Mac has a much bigger screen than these iOS devices (hopefully), so there’s even more  [Read More…]

Easily Edit Hosts File in Mac OS X from a Preference Pane

Edit hosts file easily from a preference panel in Mac OS X

The hosts file maps hostnames to IP addresses, it’s present in virtually every OS in some form or another and in Mac OS X it’s stored at /etc/hosts, which requires administrative privileges to modify and generally a jump to the command line. Editing the hosts file allows you to do a variety of things like set local test domains, block  [Read More…]

Download Instagram Photos to Your Computer Easily

Download Instagram pictures to your computer with Instabackup If you use Instagram and youíve ever wanted to download all the pictures youíve taken youíve probably noticed there is no built-in option to do so. Thankfully there are several free options that let you back up all photos from Instagram and export them all directly to your computer. Weíve narrowed it down to the two best solutions, a native OS X app  [Read More…]

Easily Create Beautiful iOS App Icons with this DIY Retina Icon Kit

iOS Retina icon template 1 Itís rare that app developers and web developers double as graphic designers, leaving some apps and websites to include fairly hideous iOS icons. As weíve said before, icons matter, however superficial they may be, so instead of shipping an app or site with an ugly icon do yourself a favor and download this do-it-yourself retina icon kit. The DIY template from KillerIcons comes as a deeply  [Read More…]

[Review] AccountChanger – Easily Swap iTunes Accounts From the App Store

Itís a known fact that†many†people have more than one iTunes account. Whether you have a family and each person has their own iTunes account, but you share a single iDevice, or you simply have more than one iTunes account all to yourself for some reason, switching between them to make App Store and iTunes purchases has never been easy. It requires you to go digging into the Settings application to sign out of your currently  [Read More…]

Find iMessage Users & Contacts Easily from iOS or Mac OS X

iMessage iMessage is a great addition to iOS and OS X that lets you send unlimited text messages, pictures, videos, documents, and even files, between other iMessage users. Though you probably know at least a few people who are using iMessages, chances are good that more of your contacts have set it up and you just didnít know about it yet. The good news is that iMessage users are easy to  [Read More…]

IR_Black Theme Add Colors Easily to the Terminal in Mac OS X

IR Black Theme for Terminal in Mac OS X We recently covered the classic method of adding colors to the command line by editing .bash_profile, but it turns out that Terminal in OS X Lion and OS X Mountain Lion both support custom ANSI colors, giving the ability to easily change the ansi color scheme through external theme files. One such color scheme is the popular TextMate theme IR_Black which has  [Read More…]

Convert AIFF to M4A Directly in Mac OS X Easily & For Free

Convert AIFF to M4A Using Mac OS Xís powerful built-in media encoding tools, large AIFF audio files can be quickly and easily converted to compressed high quality M4A audio, ready for use on in iTunes or an iPod, iPhone, or elsewhere. No additional downloads or software is required, the media encoding tools are free and bundled in Mac OS X since Lion. They should be available by default, but you can  [Read More…]

Extract Installer and Package Files in Mac OS X Easily with Pacifist

Pacifist for Mac Pacifist is a powerful Mac OS X utility that gives you full access to package and installer files and their contents, without running the installer itself. Using Pacifist, you can open installers, find out what is in them, discover what is going to be installed and where, and best of all, extract individual apps, files, and folders directly out of them. Beyond package (.pkg) files, Pacifist will also  [Read More…]

Add Special Effects to iPhone Videos Easily with Action Movie FX

Action Movie FX Action Movie FX is a really fun free app that adds high quality special effects to videos, and itís all done on the iPhone in a surprisingly easy package. Created by Hollywood studio Bad Robot Productions (makers of movies like Cloverfield, Star Trek, Super 8, and the latest Mission Impossible), the app came out a little while ago but has been updated to include another free special effect,  [Read More…]