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Google Drive Update Lets You Edit Documents In Landscape On iPhone


If you use Google Drive for iOS, you’ve probably discovered the lack of landscape support when editing a document on your iPhone. Fortunately, that’s no longer an issue, thanks to the app’s latest update — which is available in the App Store now.

Google Drive 1.3.0 was released this morning, and it finally allows you to flip your iPhone on its side while editing a Google Docs documents and get a  [Read More…]

Google Updates Gmail For iOS To Improve Ability To Edit Multiple Emails



Gmail is already one of the best email apps on iOS and it’s getting just a little bit better today. Google just released an update for the native Gmail app for iOS.

The new Gmail for iOS app comes with a couple of new features, including the ability to swipe left and right to move between messages, and better editing options for a batch of multiple emails.

Here are the full release notes:

  [Read More…]

Edit Siri Commands to Make Corrections & Fix Misunderstandings

Edit Siri Commands

Siri has impressive comprehension but isn’t always perfect, and sometimes Siri can just misunderstand something or have a hard time with the spelling of certain words and names. If you find that Siri has made a mistake understanding what you’ve said, or if you just want to correct or change the question or command you asked of Siri, you can do that easily by editing the query text  [Read More…]

Add & Edit Lyrics of Songs in iTunes and View Them in the iOS Music App

Did you know you can add or edit the lyrics of any song in your iTunes library? And of course, once you sync that song to your iPhone or iPod touch, you’ll then be able to view the lyrics directly on the iOS device screen. The whole process is quite simple, though you’ll have to fill in lyrics yourself if they aren’t already there, but with no shortage of lyrics sites out there the words the songs are only a  [Read More…]

How to Edit the Hosts File in Mac OS X with Terminal

Edit the Hosts file in Mac OS X using Terminal

The hosts file in Mac OS X is stored at /private/etc/hosts but can also be accessed at the more traditional location of /etc/hosts. If you’re looking to edit hosts, you’ll want to target the file located in /private/etc/ though.

We’ll walk through how to manually edit the hosts file in OS X Lion and OS X Mountain Lion with the command line  [Read More…]

Easily Edit Hosts File in Mac OS X from a Preference Pane

Edit hosts file easily from a preference panel in Mac OS X

The hosts file maps hostnames to IP addresses, it’s present in virtually every OS in some form or another and in Mac OS X it’s stored at /etc/hosts, which requires administrative privileges to modify and generally a jump to the command line. Editing the hosts file allows you to do a variety of things like set local test domains, block  [Read More…]

How to Edit Your Conversations With Siri on the iPhone 4S

Siri is the intelligent assistant that comes with the iPhone 4S. You simply hold the iPhones Home button and speak your question or command Siri does the rest. While the obvious benefit of Siri is the handsfree aspect of voice technology, you can actually edit your Siri conversations the good old fashioned way with your keyboard. If you speak a command or question into Siri and realize that you want  [Read More…]

Store and Edit Photos Wirelessly Between OS X and iOS With Adobes Carousel App

Today Adobe unveiled Carousel, a new service for the Mac and iOS that lets photographers access and edit their photos in the cloud on all devices. With Carousel, Adobe is trying to make the problem of photo management disappear. Have you ever gotten frustrated trying to keep track of the photos stashed on all of the devices that you and your family own?Adobe Carousel gives you a new way to enjoy  [Read More…]

How To Edit Mission Control Keyboard Shortcuts In Lion

Command left and right arrow in Lion Mission Control is one of the big new features in Lion, and like most new features it brings with it some new keyboard shortcuts. One of these is Command+Left Arrow or Command+Right Arrow to move swiftly between spaces. Its a sensible shortcut, but on my machine it conflicted with the shortcut I use dozens of times a day to jump to  [Read More…]