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Apple steps up its clean energy efforts in China

Apple and Foxconn are teaming up to build solar power plants that will ensure its iPhone-manufacturing factories in China run on 100 percent clean energy. Foxconn has committed to constructing more than 400 megawatts of solar power plants, beginning in China’s Henan Province, by 2018. Apple will also build an addition 200 megawatts of solar […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Apple highlights latest efforts ‘to leave the world better than we found it’

Apple is leading the charge in environmental responsibility, and it’s only just getting started. That’s the message from the company’s 2015 progress report, which details all of the ways Apple is striving “to leave the world better than we found…Read more ›

Apple’s lobbying efforts have nearly doubled under Tim Cook

Steve Jobs shunned trips to Washington D.C. during his tenure as Apple CEO, but Tim Cook has been a frequent visitor to Capitol Hill to personally amp up Apple’s lobbying efforts that have more than doubled since 2009. A new…Read more ›

Apple ramps up efforts to woo Chinese app developers

China is an important market for Apple, and while the company now has deals like the one with China Mobile that help distribute hardware in the country, that is only half the battle. According to new reports, Apple has recently…Read more ›

Apple Will Double Its Lobbying Efforts This Year To Simplify U.S. Tax Code


By Silicon Valley standards, Apple doesn’t lobby much in Washington. Last year, they spent a little under $ 2 million on lobbying, a drop in the bucket to Google’s $ 18 million spent.

But scrutiny of Apple in Washington is starting to heat up, especially the company’s accounting methods. That’s why Apple is looking to double its lobbying spending this year to close to $ 4 million.

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Step Up Your Startup Efforts With The Ultimate Entrepreneur Bundle [Deals]

It’s incredibly rare to get everything you need to start off a new business right, let alone get it at a price that won’t use up a lot of your startup costs. Considering you need to wrap your head around customer support, sales conversions, marketing efforts, and effective communication with your team, trying to get a grip on all of that and run a successful business while doing that is going  [Read More…]

RIMs Efforts To Entice Android Developers With Free PlayBooks Reeks Of Desperation

RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook

Its no secret that RIMs attempt to create an iPad-killer with its PlayBook tablet didnt deliver a success. In a move that was common of last years parade of iPad competitors, the PlayBook shipped almost as a public beta with core functionality like a native email app missing from the device. The PlayBooks dismal sales havent exactly inspired positive reactions from developers, which could signal the death  [Read More…]

Schmidt Claims Android Efforts Started Before The iPhone

It was previously stated in Jobs biography written by Walter Isaacson that Jobs believed Android was blatantly copying Apples innovations. The following quote can be found in the biography regarding Jobs opinion on the matter: Our lawsuit is saying, Google, you ******* ripped off the iPhone, wholesale ripped us off. Grand theft. I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apples $40 billion in the  [Read More…]

Apple’s Anti-Counterfeiting Efforts Detailed in WikiLeaks Cables

Usually WikiLeaks cables’ contain embarrassing political speak between our elected officials and their international counterparts. However, a recent leak detailed Apple’s efforts to combat counterfeit products in China. According to the electronic memo from the Beijing embassy dated September 2008, Apple formed a team in March 2008 to crack down on the massive number of knockoff iPods and iPhones (there was no iPad at that time). Oddly enough, members of the team were recruited from  [Read More…]

Saurik Comments on Cydia Outage and Ongoing Recovery Efforts

Click the image to open in full size. On Friday, Jay Freeman (aka Saurik) posted a crimson enclosed notice on the front page of Cydia acknowledging an unfortunate problem plaguing no shortage of prominent digital domains. Reddit, Quora, FourSquare, Hootsuite, the New York Times, ProPublica and, yes, Cydia – not to mention about five dozen other sites – are enduring a significant outage that is, for obvious reasons, raising some serious questions about  [Read More…]