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Eight new levels of Monument Valley are coming next week

Monument Valley is my pick for iOS game of the year; a twisting, gorgeous, MC Escher-style puzzler that’s spellbinding from start to finish. And given that it has received upwards of 1 million downloads, I’m far from alone in thinking…Read more ›

Improve iOS 8 Battery Life Drain Problems with These Eight Tips

Some users have reported battery draining quicker than usual on their iPhones and iPads that have been updated to iOS 8. While it’s not a universal experience, there are some settings in iOS 8 that may have an impact on how long your battery lasts, thus we’re going to focus on adjusting those settings to … Read More

Machine Crush Monday: Apple’s iconic Fifth Avenue store turns eight

It takes a lot to be both New York City’s most photographed landmark, and Apple’s most beautiful retail store. It’s rare that a shop can genuinely be said to take your breath away, but in the case of New York’s…Read more ›

Apps For Snaps Cyber Monday Bundle: Eight iPhoneography Apps For $1 Each

  I love Cyber Monday, but not for the reasons you think: I don’t give gifts, not do I buy yet more crap to fill my apartment. I love it because it’s the only place that the word “cyber” can…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Eight iPhone Apps To Help You Survive Burning Man

burningman< 48,000 people are about to ascend on Black Rock City, Nevada to join in the Burning Man festival experiment. There’s going to be art galore, crazy events, weird costumes for days, and the brutal Black Rock Desert meting out its hellish punishments on each and every Burner. Making the trip to BRC is easy, […]

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The AT&T iPhone 5 Can Get LTE Signal In More Than Eight New Cities Tonight

AT&T sent out a press release today announcing that they’ve flipped the switch on their super fast LTE networks in five new cities: Detroit, Honolulu, Seattle, Pittsburgh, and Portland. Cult of Android has another three cities to add to that list, including Birmingham, Memphis, and Sacramento. I will add Anchorage, AK.

The new faster networks will allow that iPhone 5 you pick up on Friday to access video and music  [Read More…]