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iPhone case adds e-ink to its backside

We want our iPhone case to look pretty and protect our investment. Beyond that, we ask nothing of it. One technology company wants its case to do a little more, though. OAXIS is launching a case that also serves as a second screen, an e-ink display that gives you time, allows you to receive important […]

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Sony Digital Paper, The $1,100 13-Inch E-Ink Tablet

Sony’s Digital Paper is so odd that if it were released tomorrow on April 1st, I’d wonder whether or not it was just a cruel prank. But apart from the absurd price, digital paper is a pretty great-looking product. Digital…Read more ›    [Read More…]

InkCase, An E-Ink Screen For Your iPhone

I saw the Oaxis InkCase at the Mobile World Congress last week, and it looks pretty neat. The v2 “case” is actually an e-ink panel that connects to the iPhone (or other device) via Bluetooth and can show anything on…Read more ›    

Phone-Controlled, E-Ink Luggage Tags Coming To A Suitcase Near You

You can already check in to a flight online, so why can’t you check your luggage? With a new luggage tag about to be trialed by British Airways, you can. And you can do it with your smartphone. The BagTag was designed by UK outfit Designworks, and has an e-ink screen to display a barcode. […]

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Oh Man I Want An E-Ink Display On My iPad [MWC 2013]

mwc2013bug-coaBARCELONA, MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS – Here’s something I wish would come to a future iPhone, or – even better – and iPad: E-ink. Imagine being able to switch to an e-ink version of the tablet and read in bright sunlight. Or turn off the various radios and enjoy a battery life measured in months, not hours.

That’s what the e-ink phone can do.

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E-Ink Keyboard Concept Marries Best Of Touch And Physical Keys

Remember the Optimus Maximus keyboard from Art Lebedev? No, me either. But if I did I’d probably recall the LED keycaps which had two distinct functions: One, to display a tiny image on top of each key and two, to send the cost of the keyboard through the roof.

Today we bring you the e-ink keyboard, which is the same kind of thing, only way more practical.

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