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Set Up Medical ID for Emergency on Your iPhone

The Health app on iPhone is primarily used to track fitness and activity, and likely much more once the Apple Watch and other sensors connect to the device, but another handy and lesser known feature is called Medical ID. Medical ID can be filled out on your iPhone to show important information about the iPhones … Read More

Latest Siri prank has more idiots calling emergency services

Siri has become an accessory to even more bullcrap from the Internet as pranksters have found another way to trick Apple’s digital assistant into contacting emergency services. And it’s only slightly less dumb than you think. The prank claims that…

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Burning iPhone 5 forces plane to make emergency evacuation

The TSA has started treating smartphones with dead batteries like potential bombs, but after an iPhone mishap on one plane caused an emergency evacuation, maybe they should be more worried about all the iPhones with a full charge too. Panic…

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‘Emergency Plan’ Gathers All Your Vital Info In One Place

Nobody hopes for a war or a natural disaster or an alien invasion from beyond the stars, but they like to know that if any of those things do happen their family will all be on the same page about…

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‘Emergency Exit’ Wants To Get You The Hell Out Of There

Emergency Exit — Utilities — $ 0.99 If you’re like me, you never go into a new building without knowing how to leave as quickly and safely as possible. I usually apply this skill at parties, which is why I don’t…

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Turn On or Off Government Emergency Alerts on the iPhone

The iPhone now includes FCC & FEMA alerts on all major US carriers, known as Wireless Emergency Alerts. This translates into two basic types of alerts; AMBER alerts for abductions, and general emergency alerts issued by national, state, and local governments. Both of these alert types are free to receive, fairly severe, and also pretty rare, and by no means should an iPhone get a bunch of random alerts from governmental agencies unless something truly dangerous is going on that  [Read More…]

AT&T Finally Bringing U.S. Emergency Alerts To iPhone 5 And 4S


In May 2012 several U.S. carriers started rolling out a nationwide wireless emergency alerts (WEA) system for wireless subscribers. The free service is intended to share information about natural disasters and other location-centric news, like AMBER alerts.

Over the weekend AT&T announced that it is bringing WEA to its iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S owners across the country. The service will be enabled via a carrier firmware update that has started rolling out to  [Read More…]

Adobe Releases Emergency Flash Update To Avoid Attack On Macs

Apple has crippled Flashback significantly, and the number of infected users is dropping rapidly.

There’s a new trojan horse attack on Mac

We’ve been hoping for a quick and painful death to Flash for a while now. It’s been slowly coming, but we’re getting closer to the day of no longer needing the crash crazy, disease injecting plugin.

Flash is still everywhere though even if you don’t want it to be, and it’s  [Read More…]

MobileKids App Lets You Track Your Kids, Control Their Phone Usage and Gives Them Emergency Buttons



A mobile phone in the hands of your kid can be a liability. But it can also be guardian angel — it all depends on how it’s used. MobileKids is a free iPhone and Android app that enhances a phone’s guardian angel-like qualities while putting the liabilities on lockdown.

The first half of that equation is a “Child App” that puts three simple safety features with big, easy-to-read buttons on the  [Read More…]

Wondering Where Those Emergency Alerts in iOS 6 Are? It Depends On Your Carrier

Sure would be nice if we all were able to access these, right?

Way back in June, we told you that iOS 6 would have new, integrated emergency alert and AMBER Alert notifications. When you go looking for them, you may not find them. Even if, as some folks out there like to say, you “scroll all the way to the bottom” of the Notifications pane in the Settings app, if your  [Read More…]