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iPhone 6 Sapphire display emerges unscathed from brutal scratch test

We got our first taste of the flexibility of the iPhone 6′s new sapphire glass display this morning, but in a new video posted by YouTuber Marques Brownlee, Apple’s super-tough new display is subjected to a brutal scratch test and…Read more ›

New Multitouch and 3-D Gesture Patent Emerges

The Unite States Trademark and Patent Office published a newApple patentfocused on re-imagining how media is edited within a gesture-based OS. While the patent does delve into some Minority Report like 3D gestures, this is not the focus of the patent, andother Apple patentshave detailed 3D gestures in greater detail. However, what this patent does propose is a new way to interact with media via a gesture-based editing solutions. The patent proposes a gesture-based video  [Read More…]

New Information Regarding Rumored iPad 3 2048×1536 Resolution Display Emerges

It was previously mentioned that analysts were saying theiPad 3 was headed into production. Afterward, further rumors emerged regarding aredesigned dock connector. This time, information regarding the iPad 3’s display is emerging. Brooke Crothers fromCNEThas apparently heard information regarding the iPad 3s alleged 264PPI display. It has previously been mentioned that the next iteration of the iPad will come with a 2048×1536 resolution display (assuming that the display manufacturers, LG and Samsung, can keep up  [Read More…]

Another iPhone 5 Case Emerges, Reinforcing Rumors of a Thinner, Larger, Tapered Device

Following that questionable leak from Case-Mate last week, another iPhone 5 case has emerged that reinforces rumors of a device with a significantly larger display than that of the iPhone 4, coupled with a thinner, tapered design. This iPhone 5 hard shell was obtained from an undisclosed source by a GDGTuser who posted these pictures online, along with measurements for the device. However, the measurements that were posted dont seem to  [Read More…]