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Disable the Empty Trash Warning in Mac OS X

Empty Trash warning in Mac OS X

Tired of having to approve the Trash being emptied in Mac OS X? You can either hold down the Option key when emptying the trashcan, or you can turn off the Trash warning dialog window completely in Finder preferences:

From the desktop, click on the �Finder� menu and choose �Preferences� Click on the �Advanced� tab Uncheck the box next to �Show warning before emptying the  [Read More…]

Empty Newstand Shelves Push Record iPad App Subscriptions [Report]

Want another example of how Apple�s masterful use of design fuels sales? Like the empty iPod that just screams out for you to buy music, the empty shelves of recently-unveiled iOS 5 Newstand begs to be filled with magazine and newspaper subscriptions.

When Newsstand first appears on your iPhone or iPad, the app displays empty shelves. The empty shelf is a powerful enticement � just look at your own home. When  [Read More…]

Crooks buy iPad at Walmart, Return Empty Box

�I just bought this iPad, but I�d like to return it.� OK, the Walmart clerk must have thought.

Duh. Who would buy an iPad, then return it a few minutes later?

Well, you might return the empty box. (Too lazy for recycling, maybe?)

That�s what a pair of crooks did in Gallatin, Tennessee did.

They walked into a Walmart, bought the iPad. Walked out, walked back in and managed to return  [Read More…]