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Enable Video Mirroring On iPad 1 [How To Guide]

When Apple announced its all-powerful iPad 2 in March, one of the marquee features was the ability to mirror your iPad 2′s screen to a HD monitor or TV using one of Apple’s display adapters. If only we could do the same on our trusty iPad 1s…

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Enable Multitouch Gestures On iPhone 4 Running iOS 4.3 GM [How To Guide]

The just released iOS 4.3 GM brings some extra perks to iPad users, namely: Multitouch Gestures. These gestures can be used to do variety of tasks such as three finger app switching, going back to the homescreen by simple pinching out on the app you’re running using your fingers etc. Want all this goodness on your iPhone 4? Just follow the guide posted after the break and you’ll have multitouch gestures up and running in no time.

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iFacePad: Enable FaceTime on Your iPad

Click the image to open in full size. Earlier this month Paul had covered a story about a hacker who manually enabled FaceTime on the iPad. The process required some manual installation which wasn’t quite easy for the inexperienced. However, a developer by the name of Intell has created an app that does the work for you. iFacePad is an Mac OS X app which will allow you to enable FaceTime on your iPad  [Read More…]