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Apple boosts iCloud email encryption to keep out snoopers

Apple has added extra protection to iCloud’s outgoing email, making it harder for hackers, the NSA, or any other malicious spying groups to get their digits on your messages. A month after Apple promised to boost iCloud’s email security, a…Read more ›

iOS 7 encryption bug leaves your email attachments exposed

Despite Apple’s claims that all your email attachments are safely locked away with data encryption in iOS 7, a new report has found that email attachments have been exposed and unencrypted for weeks or even months. After noticing that something was…Read more ›

Use Preview To Protect Your PDFs With Encryption [OS X Tips]

Every once in a while, you might want to password protect a PDF file with encryption. While there are several nice third-party apps that will do the trick, the simplest way to do this is with the built-in image and…Read more ›    [Read More…]

How to Find Wi-Fi Security Encryption Type of a Router from Mac OS X

Have you ever needed to know what type of security and encryption method a wireless network is using? While the Mac will figure this out itself when joining most networks, you may need to relay the information to others, or specify it yourself when joining other networks. You can get the encryption protocol in use … Read More

Use FileVault to Get Full Disk Encryption in Mac OS X

FileVault disk encryption for the Mac FileVault is an amazing disk level encryption feature that comes with Mac OS X. When it has been enabled, it encrypts everything, all disk contents, and actively encrypts and decrypts data on the fly, meaning any newly created data or document will instantly be encrypted as well. It’s fast and incredibly secure, using XTS-AES 128 encryption to keep things far out of the reaches of  [Read More…]

Apple’s iMessage Encryption Is So Good Not Even Federal Agencies Can Crack It


Do you ever worry that federal agencies might be hacking into your smartphone to read your text messages and listen to your calls? Then you’re probably up to no good, but you can sleep easy if all of your dirty business deals are carried out through iMessage on your iOS device.

Apple’s iMessage encryption is so good, not even federal agencies are able to crack it.

An internal Drug Enforcement Administration  [Read More…]

iTwin SecureBox Combines Hardware Encryption With Dropbox

iTwin SecureBox is a movie-thriller plot waiting to happen. It is also a security device modeled on those tacky his-n-hers heart-shaped pendants which snap in two so you can “show your love” at all times.

Back in the mundane real world, the iTwin SecureBox is a hardware encryption gadget for DropBox.

The USB dongle consists of two parts. You join them together, plug on end into your Mac’s waiting USB port and install the  [Read More…]

Dont Worry, iOS Encryption Is So Secure Even The NSA Sucks At Hacking It

Your iPhone contains a whole lotta information about your personal life. You got your bank apps, email, text messages, phone calls, browsing history, plus all those embarrassing songs you listen to on Spotify you don’t want people to know about.

You don’t expect to get hardcore encryption security on a tiny iPhone, and when the iPhone was first released in 2007 you didn’t. Huge security holes allowed hackers to easily take  [Read More…]

Encryption iPhone App Slated For Release PGP Rides Again

Phil Zimmerman, the creator of Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) encryption for email in the 1990s, has come to the forefront yet again as the spokesman for Silent Circle, a company planning to beta test an encrypted phone call and text message app for the iPhone and other smartphones. The app will be free when its released in July of this year, but the service itself will cost somewhere in the $  [Read More…]

Password Pilot Gets An Encryption Update

Have you ever used Password Pilot? Password Pilot is a jailbreak tweak that was released byFilippo Bigarellaback in the iOS 4 days. It has been a handy tool for me and probably to a lot of other people as well. To me, this is probably one of the must-haves for a jailbroken iDevice. Password Pilot is free on the BigBoss repository and there are no strings attached. It does exactly what it says; no more,  [Read More…]