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Bloom Project, The Minimal Wooden iPhone Case That’s Endorsed By Hedgehogs

I’ll admit it. The main reason I’m posting about the beautiful Project Bloom iPhone case is the hedgehog. Specifically Woody, the African Pygmy hedgehog that you see in the photo above. But that’s not to say that the case isn’t…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Forget The iPad, Comrade! Heres The $1,600 Red Pad, Endorsed By The Chinese Communist Party

Back in 2004, I couldnt afford $ 499 for an iPod, so instead I got a 20GB Dell DJ for $ 299. Honestly, it wasnt a bad little MP3 player, but it looked like it had been designed by some sort of extraordinary, irradiated orangutan toiling away in the bowels of the Kremlin during the Soviet electronics revolution of the late 1980s. I realize that analogy doesnt make any sense,  [Read More…]