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Pangu iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak tool comes to the Mac in English

If you’ve been looking to jailbreak iOS 7.1.1 and you have a Mac, then check out the new version of Pangu released today. The Chinese team of hackers behind the tool dropped their jailbreak for iOS 7.1.x out of the blue…

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Awesome German Bike-Trail Navigation App Komoot Goes English And Europe-Wide

Komoot (like commute, only not) is a gem of an app for German bikers and hikers. Or rather, it was: with today’s v5.2 update, the navigation app now comes in English, and adds support for a slew of new countries. The short form: If you ever take to two wheels, then you need this app. […]

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Apple To Bid For English Premier League Rights For Apple TV [Rumor]

Apple is reportedly gearing up to bid for English Premier League streaming rights that would allow it to show live matches through its Apple TV and iOS devices. The Cupertino hopes that the content will boost sales of its set-top box and the iPad in the U.K.

Apple will go up against a number of broadcasters in the �billion-pound battle� when the TV rights for the English Premier League next go  [Read More…]

Al Jazeera English now on Flipboard for iPad

In the U.S. you may have trouble getting Al Jazeera on cable, but now you can check it out on your iPad using Flipboard.

The Qatar-based network just launched an English-language version of its international news for free over news junkie app Flipboard.

In addition to being the most likely network to televise the next revolution, Al Jazeera English will also bring you international news, current affairs and documentaries.� (Check  [Read More…]

Discover New English, Foreign And Novelty Text-To-Speech Voices in Lion [OS X Tips]

Voice-to-text speech technology quality has improved over the years and Apple is keeping up with the technology by introducing advancements in Mac OS X to support this technology. Mac OS X Lion doesn�t offer a lot of default voice choices, but armed with this tip you�ll find out that there is lot more for your ear to hear than what your eyes can see.



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Vehicle Diagnostic App Translates “Check Engine” Light In To English

I hate the check engine light located just to the right of my speedometer. It comes on. It goes off. I’ve decided it has a mind of its own. Nothing irritates me more than having that thing come on, then taking my car in for a diagnosis, only to find out I paid $70 to be told nothing was actually wrong and they reset my diagnostic system.

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