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The Woz wasn’t exactly the world’s biggest fan of the Ashton Kutcher-starring 2013 movie Jobs, whose script he infamously dismissed as “crap.” But what did he make of the trailer for Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs, which landed earlier this week? In an… Read more ›

Southwest Airlines can’t guarantee you’ll get the seat you want on your next flight, but starting this week you’ll be slightly more entertained wherever you end up, as the airline is introducing free Beats Music streaming on flights. Beginning today,… Read more ›

Hey, did you know that the Veronica Mars movie is out now? I didn’t until I saw it listed on HypeDrive. I’m not interested in the Veronica Mars movie, but good looking out, HypeDrive. It’s an app that lets you… Read more ›     

Why Apple Should Make Car Entertainment Systems

Apple will soon release a new product that enables an iOS interface on and enhanced iPhone connectivity to in-car entertainment systems built by a long list of car makers. Nice, but it doesn’t go far enough. Here’s why Apple should… Read more ›     

Remote-controlled toys sure have come a long way in recent years. With the advent of smaller chipsets and better robotics, it was only a matter of time before something you only could see in science-fiction movies would be a reality…

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Even as DVDs become less and less desirable and the idea of streaming media becomes more prevalent, going with a Blu-ray disc for home entertainment is still a great experience. But not every device can handle Blu-ray discs, let alone give you the kind of control and simplicity of use that many of us crave. […]

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CoM - MusicTubeThe Mac has become a media hub for many people. But even it could use some extra help now and again to make sure it stays organized and streamlined so that it can be a true entertainment powerhouse. Cult of Mac Deals has assembled 3 top-notch apps that aim to boost your Mac’s reputation as […]

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ipadairplane    Long distance flights have never been more bearable thanks to the invention of the iPad. Now you can just you melt into a five hour Kindgom Rush spree while the guy next to you snores deep into his peanut induced slumber, and if you want to do it all hands free, Griffin’s got […]

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Microsoft has beaten Apple and Google to the acquisition of R2 Studios, a small home entertainment technology startup from the founder of Sling Media. R2 is famous for an Android app that allows users to control things like lighting and appliances throughout their homes, and its thought the company’s technology will help Microsoft push its Xbox console even further into home entertainment.

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Ending Soon! The Entertainment Games Bundle [Deals]

You know, computers aren’t just for getting things done. They’re also for getting your game on. With that in mind, the latest Cult of Mac Deals offer has packed 10 fun games that are compatible with both Mac and PC systems into one bundle known as The Entertainment Games Bundle.

And for a limited time we’re offering it to you for just $ 29!

Here are all of the games you’ll get:

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