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Play Along With An Entire Orchestra On Your iPad With Weezic

Where do they get these names, anyway?

Where do they get these names, anyway?

While we’ve been looking at various new ways to interact with sheet music on the iPad at the 2013 NAMM show this week, here’s an app that takes sheet music and brings an entire orchestra along for the ride.

You can take this free iPad app out for a spin and it will turn the page for you as  [Read More…]

Got An Entire Family Of iOS Devices? Griffin’s New PowerDock Charges Five At Once [CES 2013]


LAS VEGAS — Griffin has a new lineup of charging accessories at CES in Las Vegas, one of which is ideal for those who have collected an entire family of iOS devices. It’s called the PowerDock 5 and it charges up to five devices at any one time, storing them away neatly to save space on your desk.

PowerDock 5 is the “ultimate space-saving, countertop charging and storage solution.” It contains five  [Read More…]

Brazilian Smartphone Maker Announces Entire Line Of Android Powered… iPhones?!?

When we see companies shamelessly ripping off Apple’s brand, designs and trademarks, we usually think of any number of tiny Chinese knock-off makers (or Samsung).

Now, though, the Brazilians appear to be getting in on the action, as a Brazil-based electronics maker is now planning on launching a new line of Android smartphones that they are calling IPHONES. Yes, really.

Reuters reports that Brazilian device maker IGB Electronica SA plans an entire  [Read More…]

Apple Already Owns 27% Of Entire Global LTE Market [Report]

The iOS family continues to propel Apple’s incredible growth.

LTE smartphones are all the rage these days, and Apple only has one: the iPhone 5. That hasn’t stopped Apple from quickly gobbling up nearly 30% of the global LTE market, according to research firm Strategy Analytics.

While Android handset makers have been churning out LTE devices left and right in recent months, Apple accounts for 26.7% of all LTE devices in use around the  [Read More…]

Memoto Camera Photographs Your Entire Life, Every 30 Seconds [Kickstarter]

I own a cheap plastic tape measure. I also own (or rather, haven’t yet tossed out) a conference lanyard with a retractable card holder for my laminated ID.

Why am I telling you this? Because both of them look just like the Memoto, a teeny-tiny lifeblogging camera which you wear around your neck or clip on your clothes. Like both of my crapgadgets, the Memoto is small and inconspicuous. Apart from the bright-orange color…

The Memoto  [Read More…]

Todays Entire iPhone 5 Keynote In Pictures [Gallery]

You’re probably frothing at the mouth waiting for Apple to upload the video of today’s keynote, right? No? Good. Sitting through two hours of Apple talk is a pretty big commitment when you could do something better, like go outside, or play with a puppy, or eat.

Here’s Apple entire iPhone 5 keynote in pictures so you can still feel like you saw it all:


[Read More…]

New Leaked Images Show The Entire Rear Shell Of The iPad Mini

We’ve seen a couple part leaks for the upcoming iPad Mini over the last few weeks, but a great shot of the casing for the iPad hasn’t been seen until now. A Chinese site that claims they have received the rear shell for the iPad Mini from an OEM in Shenzhen, China, has posted a series of photos that show some great details of what the iPad Mini will look like.

�The  [Read More…]

Contract An Entire Design Team For $40 [Deals]

Why limit yourself to one designer when you can tap into the talent of HUNDREDS? Competition breads excellence which is exactly what this deal will bring to your needed designs. The idea behind 99designs is to essentially have designers compete for your business. Awesome right!?

Let’s say you need a new logo. As opposed to hiring one designer to pump out a couple options, 99designs reaches numerous artists who will need to  [Read More…]

Mike Daisey Retooled His Entire Monologue To Finally Be Factually Accurate [Updated]


Mike Daisey performing “The Agony & Ecstasy Of Steve Jobs”

Mike Daisey’s life has been pretty crazy the past 12 months. He shot into fame with his monologue The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs, which sparked the public’s interest in Chinese working conditions. Woz even saw the show and cried.

Then word came out that many parts of Daisey’s play were fabricated�and an unrelenting storm of excrement rained down  [Read More…]

Apple Turns Over Its Entire Inventory Every 5 Days

It’s unlikely any of those iPads will sit on the shelf for a more than five days.

Apple�s ability to turn over its inventory incredibly quickly is seen as one of the Cupertino company�s greatest strengths. But just how quickly does it sell its products? According to Gartner�s Supply Chain Top 25 league table, Apple clears its entire inventory every 4.9 days. That�s faster than Amazon, Coca-Cola, Dell, and Samsung. In  [Read More…]