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This cute, colorful cartoon was animated entirely in Keynote

I’ll be honest: I doubt I know how to use Keynote, Apple’s presentation software, even to put together a few simple slides. But Linda Dong is such a Keynote master, she can put together whole animated movies using the iWork app! It’s not a hugely sophisticated animation, true, but it’s bouncy, colorful, fun, and utterly […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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New Balance’s latest skate shoe ad was shot entirely on an iPhone

You know that smartphone cameras are getting pretty darn good when they start regularly popping up as the filming implement of choice for ad-makers. The latest company to jump on the iPhone for shooting is New Balance Numeric, the skate shoe range of the popular sneaker brand. It’s released a 6-minute skate video/advert shot completely […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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How to create entirely separate photo libraries in Photos

One of the cooler hidden features of Photos (and iPhoto before it) is the ability to create more than one photo library. You can make one for your home photos, work photos, photos from a different camera, or those racy…Read more ›

‘Modern Family’ will air episode shot entirely with iPhones and iPads

MacBooks and iPhones have been no strangers on ‘Modern Family’ but in an upcoming episode, Apple’s mobile devices are also taking over filming duties too. ‘Modern Family’ plans to be the first major TV show ever to air an episode…Read more ›

This addictive iOS game is made entirely out of emoji

There are a lot of would-be game designers out there who never make their games a reality because they don’t have the artistic chops to make the graphic assets their game depends on. But not being able to draw didn’t…Read more ›

Apple’s Carolona Data Center Now Entirely Powered By The Sun (With Some Help From Sheep)

Folks love to complain about Apple, but I figure that a lot of that bitching is down to the inadequacies of the bitchers themselves: It’s easier to just whine about something than to strive for greatness yourself. Which is to…Read more ›    [Read More…]

HBO Created Apple TV App Entirely In-House, Still Shackled By Cable Companies


HBO Go and ESPN recently got added to the Apple TV, but only if you pay a hefty, monthly sum to a cable or satellite company for a bunch of other channels you never watch. The TV industry is evidently broken. You can have unlimited access to stream HD content for the price of a couple cups of coffee each month, but you can’t pay for HBO a la carte.

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Mastering Notification Center: Dump It Entirely From Your Mac [OS X Tips]

Get Rid of Notification Center

While I think I’m finally coming to terms with Notification Center, and it’s becoming a normal part of my daily work routine, there are some folks out there who may not like it at all.

For those people, here’s a pretty simple way to get rid of the Notification Center from your Mac, menu bar icon and all.

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‘The Nails’ Is An Incredibly Scary Horror Movie Shot Entirely On An iPhone [Halloween Video]

Over the course of the last five years, there have been a lot of movies with the gimmick that they have been shot on the iPhone, but few have pulled it off as well as this incredibly scary little short film made by Clement Deneux for the 2012 Disposable Film Festival, a film festival dedicated to short films shot on smartphones and either pocketable cameras.

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New Bluetooth Withings Scale Can Be Controlled Entirely By Your iPhone

No computer required.



I bet you never thought you’d feel early-adopter’s remorse for a bathroom scale, right? Well, if you bought the Withings Wi-Fi-connected scale to wirelessly share your weight and BMI with the world (or just with your own suite of fitness apps) then prepare to get stressed out, and maybe to comfort yourself with a big slice of rich, delicious chocolate cake: The Withings WS30 is here.

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