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New iPad 10.2″ Announced as Entry Level Model

Apple has announced an all new entry-level iPad model. The new hardware includes a variety of improvements, and perhaps most notably a bigger screen. The new iPad model was announced at the days iPhone launch event, along with new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, and Apple Watch Series 5. Let’s … Read More

Allow Free App Downloads Without Password Entry in iOS

You have likely noticed that downloading a free app from the iOS App Store triggers the ‘Enter Password’ dialog screen on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. While this is a valid precaution to prevent unauthorized users from installing apps onto an iOS device, it’s not always desired, particularly for shared iPads and iOS devices … Read More

BitLock, Keyless Entry For Your Bike

Lost your keys? Sure you have, you absent-minded fellow you. And you iPhone? No frickin; way, right? What you clearly need is a way to replace your keys with your iPhone. That’s already been done for the home, and now…Read more ›

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Apple Eyes Retail Entry in India

It’s one of the largest mobile communities in the world. And Apple has it within its retail crosshairs. According to published reports Friday, Apple is looking to launch a physical retail presence in India at some point soon, most likely before the end of 2012. A source from India’s Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion reveals that talks with the iPhone maker have been going on for some time now. But it appears that the  [Read More…]

Secure Keyboard Entry Brings More Security to the Terminal in Mac OS X

Secure Keyboard Entry in Mac OS X Terminal If you are using a public Mac or are just concerned about things like keyloggers and other potentially unauthorized access to your keystrokes, you can enable a feature in Mac OS X Terminal app that secures keyboard entry and input into the terminal. According to Apple, this feature prevents other applications on your computer or the network from detecting and recording what is  [Read More…]

Use Raise To Speak On iPhone 4S For Text Entry Via Dictation [iOS Tips]

By now, every iPhone 4S user has to know about the raise to speak feature that activates Siri. You simply raise your iPhone 4S to your ear, wait for the two tones and start talking. Ask Siri a silly or serious question and it usually has an answer for you. Sometime it isnt what you would expect. Although it is fun to ask Siri questions, you can also use Siri  [Read More…]

Sony Aiming to Beat Apple in Entry to Connected TV Market?

While Apple is yet to officially announce the new product category, it is a foregone conclusion that the Mac maker and mobile tech giant is laying the groundwork for an entirely new product: iOS-powered connected TVs that will likely integrate with Siri. Seared into our memory are the comments made by late Apple CEO Steve Jobs shortly before his passing – comments that confirm Apple’s interest in developing connected HDTVs. With the cat out of  [Read More…]