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The Official Comedy Central App Streams Full Episodes, You Know, Wherever

If you’re on the go and missed last night’s episode of The Daily Show, Comedy Central’s new official app can hook you up. It offers a wide selection of programming, including talk shows, series, and standalone shorts. All the new…

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Lost Doctor Who Episodes Now On iTunes

Although Doctor Who is now a cherished cultural icon, that wasn’t always the case. In fact, many episodes of Doctor Who’s earliest adventures have been lost, thanks to the BBC’s tendency to simply record over the archival tapes. Occasionally, though, “lost” episodes are found, either because someone at home recorded the episodes by pointing a […]

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SyFy Updates iOS App To Stream Full Episodes And Sync Watchlist Via iCloud

syfySyFy announced today that its iPhone and iPad apps have merged into one mega-nerd monster app called SyFy Now. The new app now gives both iPhone and iPad users access to full episodes of favorite Syfy shows, with new episodes available the day after they air. You can add new shows to a watchlist to […]

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CBS Launches App That Will Let You Stream Full Episodes Of Shows For Free


There are a ton of ways to stream TV shows to your iPhone and iPad, but CBS is ready to give you another. CBS just launched their new app that will let you stream some of their most popular shows, right to your iPad or iPhone, for free.

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Set Podcasts to Auto Delete Old Episodes After Listening to Save Space in iOS

Listening to the myriad of wonderful podcasts out there is a great thing, but having all those podcasts take up tons of space on an iPhone or iPod touch isn’t so great. Each episode of an audio podcast can easily run between 30MB to 90MB depending on the length of the show, so it’s not uncommon for a sizable podcast library to slowly accumulate into GB’s of storage taken up, particularly if you’re not going through and manually trashing the  [Read More…]

Cartoon Network’s Free Adult Swim App Includes Full Episodes

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Adult Swim, Cartoon network’s late night programming geared toward an older audience, has just released a free app that includes full-length episodes. Cartoon Network has had it’s own for app some time now, but this is the first time that Adult Swim programming has been made available for a mobile audience. Best of all, this app is free and available now.

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