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Using a Mac Equivalent of Unix “tree” Command to View Folder Trees at Terminal

Mac users who come from a unix background may appreciate knowing how to implement the equivalent to the Unix “tree” command in macOS and Mac OS X. There are actually a few different ways to show a folder tree in the Terminal of Mac OS X, we’ll cover an easy tree equivalent achieved through an … Read More

This Is What The Equivalent Of SBSettings For Siri Would Look Like

It�s always seemed like such a simple tweak, but SBSettings has turned out to be the jailbreak tweak I have the hardest time living without: a simple interface for turning on or off the most common iPhone or iPad settings with a single button press, opened by simply swiping your finger across your iOS�s status bar.

Now that Siri�s here, though, wouldn�t it be great if there was a way to  [Read More…]