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Watch How Apple Could Revolutionize E-Reading Again With Realistic Virtual Page Flipping [Video]

If you have ever used iBooks or the Kindle app on your iPhone or iPad, you probably have experienced virtual page turning… and probably turned it off shortly thereafter. Why? Well, virtual page turning is just a fancy animation that does nothing practical. It slows the reading experience down (however minutely) just to give you a little millisecond voyage through an e-reading uncanny valley. After all, in the real world, pages do more than just flip: you can rifle through  [Read More…]

Awesome Stanza E-Reading App Is Dead And Amazon Doesn’t Seem Interested In Bringing It Back

About twelve hours after iOS 5 was officially released, I went through the considerable bother of downgrading my iPad 2 back down to iOS 4.3. iOS 5 was a great update, but for me, it had one fatal problem: it broke my beloved Stanza e-reading app irrevocably, and going without Stanza on my iPad was as impossible to contemplate as living without Mail or Safari. For Stanza lovers, the situation  [Read More…]