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‘SwipyCalc’ Has Extra Space For Especially Large Digits

I know that your iPhone already has a calculator in it, but here’s a specialty app for people who suffer from the curse of Man Thumbs. SwipyCalc is a basic calculator that gives all the screen space to the numbers.…Read more ›

In Review, David Pogue Gives iPhone 4S High Marks, Especially Siri

The first reviews of the iPhone 4S are coming in, and they look pretty good. David Pogue, in a review headlined New iPhone Conceals Sheer Magic, says Siri is game-changing: Its even more amazing how Siris responses can actually form a conversation. Once, I tried saying, Make an appointment with Patrick for Thursday at 3. Siri responded, Note that you already have an all-day appointment about Boston Trip for this  [Read More…]