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An estimated 1m Apple Watches sold in U.S. in first 24 hours

The Apple Watch officially became available for pre-orders last week and, if researchers at Slice Intelligence are to be believed, it scored big when it comes to customer demand. How big? Try 957,000 people pre-ordering in the U.S. during Friday…Read more ›

Americans Have Spent An Estimated $5.9 Billion Repairing Their Damaged iPhones

If you’ve ever dropped your iPhone or taken it for a dip in the swimming pool, then you know the pains of having your favorite electronic device murdered in front of your eyes. You also know the pains of the repair bill in your attempts to bring your iPhone back to life.

SquareTrade released a new study today that shows damaged iPhones have cost Americans about $ 5.9 billion in repair  [Read More…]

A5 Chip Benchmarks Show Estimated Graphic Performance Increase

Although there has been a lot of buzz surrounding the external redesign of the new iPhone, one of the main features that everyone already agrees upon is the incorporation of the much faster dual-core A5 processor in the new iPhone. The A5 processor was first introduced in the iPad 2 in March and houses a much faster graphics processing unit (GPU), which as expected, will improve the performance of the next generation iPhone. When first  [Read More…]

iTunes Store and App Store Cost Estimated $1.3 Billion To Run

Who thought Apple’s cash mountain that is the iTunes and App Store would be a break even business? Honestly I never really took Apple’s claims that the iTunes and App Store didn’t generate much profit, but Asymco blogger Horace Dediu crunched some very convincing numbers using data published by Apple during last weeks WWDC. Apple has estimated their digital store downloads have reached 15 billion songs, 130 million books, and 14 billion apps. Dediu  [Read More…]

TweetDeck Estimated 40 Million Dollar

For weeks, we’ve heard rumors that Twitter was to purchase the popular third-party app, TweetDeck, and its finally confirmed. According to CNN and CNET, Twitter acquired TweetDeck today for $ 40 million in cash and stocks. Twitter has finally got its hand on an application that has been praised by the most active Twitters for its elegant interface and enhance capabilities.As you might already know, TweetDeck has been under the eyes of investors since February,  [Read More…]