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Kanex Box Adds Three USB Ports And Ethernet Port To MacBooks Air And Pro

Kanex’s new DualRole will be pretty much essential for hotel-hopping MacBook Air owners the world over. It’s a little pocket-sized box which hooks up to the MacBook’s USB 3.0 port and turns it into three ports plus an Ethernet jack.

Yes, it costs $ 70, but you can expense that, right?

The DualRole can also be used with an external power adapter to provide more juice to those USB  [Read More…]

Can’t Update Apple TV To 5.1.1 Over Ethernet? Try Wi-Fi Or Manual Restore

Since Apple released iOS 5.1.1 for the Apple TV last week alongside iTunes 11, many users have reported problems updating to the new software over an ethernet connection. This appears to be the result of nasty bug in the latest Apple TV OS. Some Apple TVs even failed to boot back up after the update wouldn’t stick.

If you’ve been having problems updating to 5.1.1 on your Apple TV,  [Read More…]

USB 3 Ethernet Adapter


A USB 2.0 Ethernet adapter is a pitiful thing, an ugly workaround only really useful when you find yourself in a Wi-Fi-free hotel room with only your MacBook Air for company.

A USB 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet adapter, on the other hand, is every bit as good as having a real 10/1000 network connector hole in the side of your machine.

Better still, as this uses a USB 3.0 port, it won’t clog up your Thunderbolt  [Read More…]

Enable AirDrop Over Ethernet & AirDrop On Unsupported Macs Running OS X 10.7

Enable AirDrop on Unsupported Macs Running OS X 10.7 AirDrop is the extremely easy local peer-to-peer file transfer tool that is built into Mac OS X 10.7, it allows you to easily send and receive files wirelessly over a network just by dragging and dropping. Its a great addition to Lion, but its not supported on all Macs (some 2008 model MacBook, MacBook Pros, some Mac Pros and Minis, etc), and  [Read More…]

Apple.com Shows USB Drive Mistakenly Jammed Into A MacBook Pros Ethernet Port

Yes, that is a Parallels Desktop 6 USB stick jammed into a MacBook Pros ethernet port, as seen on the official Apple Store page. I wouldnt give Apple (or Parallels, who likely supplied the image) too much guff about it, though: Ive made the same mistake a couple of times myself. [via OS X Daily]