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Apple Clarifies EULA For iBooks Author: No, We Donít Want To Steal Ownership Of Your Books

When Apple first released their incredible new iBooks authoring tool (called ó wait for it ó iBooks Author) there was a fair amount of scandal that the EULA included provisions that gave Apple exclusive publishing rights to the book. It meant authors couldnít publish their books in iBook and the Kindle Store at the same time, for example. We were skeptical from the start that  [Read More…]

Listen To Richard Dreyfuss Read The Apple EULA You’ve Never Read

Those nasty little End User License Agreements we so willingly accept every time a piece of software is updated, or every time we sign up for a new new social media service are paint to read. CNET decided to capitalize on this fact, and some negative publicity Apple got earlier this year involving their EULA, by having Richard Dreyfuss do a dramatic reading of Apple’s EULA. The results are pretty funny. Follow the link†here to  [Read More…]