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Apple sent out invites this morning to its iPhone 6s event on September and while event’s location is getting a lot of attention, Apple has also decided to do something completely unprecedented: allow people running Windows to watch it. Streaming Apple keynotes has usually required viewers to tune in with the Safari browser on OS […]

This week in Cult of Mac Magazine, it’s time for Leander to bust out that famed “vision thing” he’s so great at with his informed take on the top five best Apple products of all time. Ever. Then we’ve got… Read more ›

Win-doh! Microsoft announces its largest ever net loss

Apple had a massive quarter, beating its own internal estimates, and yet still saw its stock slide following yesterday’s earnings call. You know who had it much, much worse, though? One-time rival Microsoft, which reported its highest-ever net loss for… Read more ›

Why you should never buy an iPod ever again

Today’s iPod line refresh came as an odd surprise to some and maybe even a long-awaited update to others. The iPod touch has beefed up hardware and the iPod nano and iPod shuffle have new color options. After they’re finally… Read more ›

Many babies these days have to wear an eyepatch to correct vision problems. That’s why the two-year old girl above, Layla Grubb, is wearing the best eyepatch ever: an ’80’s style Apple logo, pasted over her left eye. Talk about… Read more ›

Read the first ever article written about Apple

Apple’s not exactly hurting for press coverage these days. There was a time, though, when the company was desperate for any bit of publicity it could drum up. That time was February 1977, when The Apple Computer Company spoke to… Read more ›

From the dystopian “1984” Macintosh commercial to its disastrous “Lemmings” follow-up, Apple ads haven’t always been full of jokes, tinkly music and Jony Ive saying “aluminium” in a soothing voice. Nothing Apple has ever created, however, has been quite as weirdly disturbing… Read more ›

It’s too early to tell exactly how well the Apple Watch will do in the grand scheme of things, or even if it will ultimately win the wearable war. But one thing’s for sure, it’s off to a hell of… Read more ›

This is the best Game of Thrones recap, ever

Game of Thrones…is coming. The fifth season takes over your Apple TV this Sunday and we’re all pumped for the latest intrigue, dragons, and deeply menacing looks. Not to mention all the great naked people. If you’ve missed the first… Read more ›

Check out tech’s greatest ever demo as an opera

If you think the 2007 unveiling of the iPhone is tech’s most impressive demo, you haven’t seen anything yet! Back in 1968, when Tim Cook was barely eight years old, an engineer named Doug Engelbart put on a computer computer demonstration at the… Read more ›