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Every Thing You Need To Know To Get Your Mac Ready For OS X Lion

Mac OS X Lion was seeded to developers earlier this month. Tommorow May be the Release of OS X Lion. Here is what you need to check before installing OS X Lion. Hardware†Requirements: Core 2 Duo Processor. 2 GB of RAM. 10 GB at least of free space on the†start-up†drive. Check your Mac specifications through accessing the Apple menu then select “About This Mac”, A Window will pop up with your processor and RAM information.  [Read More…]

Prevent iPhone From Tracking Your Every Move With This New Cydia App [Jailbreak Only]

We have already reported about how the iPhone or iPad running on iOS 4.x has been secretly tracking all your moves. Security researchers have revealed that iPhone tracks userís location and stores it in a secret hidden file which is replicated to the computer once itís synchronized with the device.

The file contains data about your latitude and longitude along with the timestamp. This information can be easily accessed by jailbreaking the phone, unfortunately, on the computer even without that.  [Read More…]

Your iPhone And iPad With iOS 4.x Has Been Tracking Your Every Move

All this time, the iPhone that you have always kept really close to your heart, has been watching, rather stalking you. Security researchers revealed that since the iOS 4 update, iPhone has been tracking your location down and storing it in a secret hidden file which is replicated to your computer once it’s synchronized with your device.

Apple iPhone 4

The file contains data about your latitude and longitude  [Read More…]