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ZTE Tablets Show Why Everyone Is Buying iPads [MWC 2012]

Zzzzz. ZTE’s PF100 starts with a dull name and then goes downhill from there

BARCELONA, MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2012 — One of the big stories at this year’s Mobile World Congress is Android tablets. If last year saw the things popping out like maggots from a rotting wound, this year they are skittering across the floor like a carpet of  [Read More…]

Love Box: The Analog Video Mixer Most Everyone Doesn’t Need

It’s love. In a box. It’s your love in a box. Editing traditional film with traditional tools is a bear. No, it’s a woolly mammoth sized effort in tedium. Cutting strips of film frame by frame and gluing them back together. The old adage “left on the cutting room floor” is more literal than most realize. Today’s non-linear editing programs and workflows have made piecing together a film manageable, but every so often in a  [Read More…]

Unwrapping a New Mac: Simple Tips Everyone Needs to Know

If you’re fortunate enough to receive a new Mac this Holiday season, in addition to graciously thanking whoever gave it to you, you should make some time to take care of a few basic preliminary matters, which will end up saving you time and money in the long-run. Unboxing. Unbox your Mac while being careful not to rip, tear, destroy, or discard any of the box or accompanying  [Read More…]

I Just Made Love App Lets You Tell Everyone The GPS Coordinates Of Where You Last Banged

For the exhibitionist, the free I Made Love app allows you to “check in” to places you have boned, down to the GPS location and sexual position. Alarmingly, there is a high concentration of activity in I Made Love at the Market Basket parking lot across the street from me. I always thought those guys were just practicing wrestling moves in the back seat of their cars. [via Gizmodo]

Hooray! Evernote Buys Skitch, Makes It Free For Everyone

Skitch, yay Skitch, the fun image editor and screenshot annotator beloved by Mac bloggers everywhere, got bought by Evernote, and the result is a price cut – to zero.   Skitch used to be free. It spent years in beta, but in a good way. It was very popular as a way of simply grabbing a screenshot or photo and annotating it with text, arrows, shapes and other  [Read More…]

The Under 44 Crowd Prefers Smartphones, But Everyone Wants An iPhone [Survey]

Photo: drewbeck/flickr

According to a recent survey, if you own a smartphone in the U.S., you’re likely younger than 35 years old. By contrast, if you are older than 45, a basic feature phone is likely your preferred handset. Welcome to the Smartphone Generation Gap. According to Nielsen researchers, 62 percent of adults age 25-34 who own a mobile phone use smartphones instead of “feature phones” that provide basic voice  [Read More…]

How Was Everyone So Wrong About The @$#!ing iPhone 5? [Punk’d]

Apple has just emptied their magician’s hat onto the table, and out of that silk showman’s topper spilled the brand new iPhone 4S. For some of us, the revelation of “just” a faster iPhone 4 was a disappointment… but it was much more than a disappointment to hundreds of case makers who had bet millions of dollars between them on a radical redesign. Ah, the mythical iPhone 5. A slimmer,  [Read More…]

Microsoft Explorer Touch Mouse: Not for Everyone [Review]

The Microsoft Explorer Touch mouse invites you to “explore” its unique, touch-sensitive scroll wheel. While the Explorer Touch doesn’t offer multitouch gestures like Apple’s Magic Mouse or Microsoft’s own, flagship Touch Mouse, the Explorer does sport an attractive form factor and quality build. The Explorer Touch Mouse ($ 50) gives you a scrolling experience that’s unusual to say the least. It’s pretty cheap, and it’s portable.   The Good: In terms of size  [Read More…]

Not Everyone in Cupertino Wants Apple’s Spaceship to Land

Apple’s plans to build a ‘spaceship’ campus in Cupertino have had us all in awe over its magnificent design which will take up a whopping 3.1 million square-feet of land. However, not everyone in Cupertino is looking forward to ‘Apple Campus 2?. The video above from KTVU News, shot last night while the Apple Campus 2 Environmental Impact meeting went ahead in Cupertino, reveals some Cupertino residents have their concerns. While some seemed very positive about Apple’s new camp, most voiced their  [Read More…]

Analyst: The Benefits of Suing Everyone Could Be “Huge” $30B Per Year Win For Apple

Don’t expect another Nokia-like settlement in Apple’s current legal wrangles with HTC and Samsung. The Cupertino, Calif. tech giant could convert courtroom victories to market gains over Android worth more than $ 30 billion a year, argues one analyst.   “We anticipate that Apple will push its legal claims hard and unrelentingly,” writes Bernstein’s Toni Sacconaghi, cited by Fortune. Apple’s main goal: “to upend Android’s momentum by forcing a work around on key  [Read More…]