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Evidence Of Upcoming 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro Surfaces In Benchmark Results


There have been rumors for the last month or so that Apple is planning to release a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display later this year. While we haven’t seen any physical evidence of the MacBook’s existence, there have been a few Geekbench scores that support rumors that the new laptop will be coming soon.

Macrumors was tipped off about new benchmark score for a possible Retina MacBook Pro model  [Read More…]

Why the New ‘Smoking Gun’ Evidence Doesn’t Prove Samsung Copied Apple [Opinion]

New evidence from inside Samsung appears to prove that Samsung copied Apple’s iPhone ideas and used them to design Samsung’s Android phones.

As damning as the “Relative Evaluation Report” appears to be, it does NOT constitute proof that Samsung copied Apple’s ideas or infringed on Apple’s patents, and for 3 reasons.

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More Evidence Debunks February Apple Event

For weeks we’ve heard that the iPad 3 may be introduced in late February ahead of an early to mid-March release, which would place the third-generation Apple tablet on track for debut one full calendar year after the iPad 2 launched. Today, speculation about a February Apple event cooled some when the Loop’s Jim Dalrymple reported that his credible sources indicate that no formal announcement or corresponding media event will take place this month. Dalrymple’s  [Read More…]

More Evidence for Retina Display Macs Shows up in OS X 10.7.3 Beta

Open in HiDPI mode The developer betas of Mac OS X 10.7.3 show new evidence of retina display Macs, according to a recent find by MacRumors. The discovery points to some applications “Get Info” dialog box displaying an option to “Open in HIDPI mode”, although checking the box doesn’t appear to do anything yet, and the reference seems to have been removed from the most recent 10.7.3 11D36 build. HiDPI  [Read More…]

Evidence of 64GB iPhone 5, iPhone 5 Case Spottings, and New iPhone Speculations

Picture proof of a 64GB iPhone 5 has surfaced recently and tweeted by iH8sn0w, the developer behind numerous iOS device utilities such as f0recast, iDetector, iFaith, iREB, and sn0wbreeze. The picture shows an iPhone 5 label very similar to a previously leaked Chinese iPhone 4S label. The information that it provides is new though, providing proof of the existence of 64 GB capacities for the upcoming iteration of the iPhone said to be announced at  [Read More…]

More Evidence That Updated iPhone 4 About to Be Unveiled

Apple appears to be tweaking its inventory database, making room for two versions of the iPhone 4, as well as a slightly updated iPod touch, multiple reports suggest Wednesday. The reports come on the heels of Apple announcing a media event for October 4, ‘Let’s Talk iPhone.’ The Cupertino, Calif. company has added two new entries in its database for the iPhone 4. The current GSM iPhone 4 carries the inventory  [Read More…]

New Evidence Proves MIA Steve Jobs Has Traveled Back In Time To Fight Napoleon [Humor]

Okay, not really, but we can dream. Here’s the real deal with this painting.   George Dawe was an English portrait artist who, during the Napoleonic Wars, managed to paint 329 portraits of the Russian generals active during Boney’s attempted invasion and subjugation of the Motherland. Replaceface, on the other hand, is a Tumblr blog devoted to taking Dawe’s portraits, cutting out the original face and replacing it with the  [Read More…]

No Evidence Of A Redesigned iPhone 5

According to A report by MacRumors, The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that There is no evidence of a redesigned iPhone 5 in the supply chain.

iphone 5 mock-up01 Instead, his sources point to the “N94” iPhone that has been popularly referred to as the “iPhone 4S” as the sole new iPhone model  [Read More…]

Apple Files Doctored Evidence Against Samsung Again, This Time About Galaxy S

Jeez, Apple, this is starting to really look bad. Just a few days after it was revealed that Apple filed misleading evidence claiming that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10,1 shared the iPad’s physical dimensions in a German court comes word that they’ve done it again in the Netherlands, this time with Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphone.   As part of their global intellectual property battle with Samsung in the mobile and  [Read More…]

New Job Listing Adds to iPhone LTE Evidence

Two weeks ago the thought of a new iPhone sporting LTE innards was a distant possibility right behind an iPhone cheese grater. Fast forward to today, and a series of reports has thrown the possibility of an LTE iPhone 5 to forefront of the rumor mill. The most recent discovery comes from Forbes, who happened to spot a new Apple job listing on LinkedIn of all places. The job listing is for Field Test Engineers  [Read More…]