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How to find the exact setting you need in iOS 9

iOS has so many settings in one app, it’s kind of ridiculous. Whether you want to change preferences for an app or the operating system itself, a trip to the crowded Settings app can often be a frustrating experience. iOS 9 — still in beta — has a solution for that information overload though: Search. […][Read More…]

How to See the Exact Location Where a Photo was Taken with a Mac

The digital cameras included with iPhone, Android, and many others, have an option to geotag pictures using the devices GPS hardware, effectively pinpointing the exact location a photo was taken and bundling that geographic location data into the metadata of a picture. While you can turn off photo geotagging on iPhone and iPad, many users … Read More

iPhone 6 Availability Checker Tool Shows You Where To Get The Exact Model You Want

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have been out for a while now, but stock continues to sell out fast and finding the exact device you want can be a challenge. Typically if you’re hoping to find one in an Apple Store or other retail location, you’re either going to be crossing your fingers … Read More

Hilarious Picture Captures the Exact Moment a Skydiver Loses iPhone in Middle of Free Fall

Don’t you hate it when you’re skydiving and lose your iPhone during a free fall? OK so probably none of us can say that has happened to them, but this hilarious picture captures the exact moment of such an event occurring at some-odd thousand feet above Earth. In the picture, a skydiver named Patrick has … Read More

Exact location of Apple’s new Marlborough, Mass store revealed

Apple has multiple new stores planned to open over the second half of 2014 and first quarter of 2015. Among these is one planned for Marlborough, Mass, as revealed through job postings listed by Apple over the past 10 days.…Read more ›

Ebay Exact For iOS Lets You Purchase Custom 3D Printed Products On The Go

customgrainebayexactIn its first foray into the world of 3D printing, eBay introduced its new app for iOS called eBay Exact. The new app allows users to customize and purchase 3D printed products from Sculpteo, MakerBot, and Hot Pop Factory that are built to order and shipped from each 3D printer’s facilities. Right now eBay Exact […]

The post Ebay Exact For iOS Lets You Purchase Custom 3D Printed Products On The  [Read More…]

Ban.jos New Update Gives You Exact Whereabouts for Even More of Your Friends [Daily Freebie]

Spectacular and a little spooky; Ban.jo, an iOS/Android app that launched last summer, is startling in what its able to give the user: the realtime whereabouts of any friends who have location services active for any of (now five) different social media platforms. Ban.jo is pretty simple to use, in part thanks to its just-updated interface. Even before adding social networks, users can see other users close by who have  [Read More…]