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How to Hide All Other Windows Except Active App on Mac OS

Want to quickly focus your attention on the active application in Mac OS by hiding all other windows? There’s an excellent little-known keyboard shortcut and menu item that does exactly that, and when executed properly you will hide literally every window and open application on the Mac except for the currently active application. This is … Read More

UE Boom 2 speaker brings more of everything (except for screws)

SAN FRANCISCO — Ultimate Ears could have borrowed the iPhone 6s tag line to market its new UE Boom 2 Bluetooth speakers. Like Apple’s latest smartphones, which Cupertino hypes with the clever catchphrase “the only thing that’s changed is everything,” UE’s second-generation Bluetooth speaker is almost indistinguishable from its tubular predecessor — at least on […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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The best things in life aren’t free, except for this brand new MacBook Air [Deals]

The feeling of unboxing a brand new computer is one of the good things in life, one that usually comes with a steep price tag. That might change today, because right now you can enter a sweepstakes to get your hands on a brand spanking new 13-inch MacBook Air for the price of air itself […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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After hacks, Sony’s ‘stuck in 1992′ … except for Mac users

After an attack by a group of hackers-slash-cyber-terrorists, Sony Pictures is having a rough time. Countless embarrassing details about the organization — including executive salaries and salacious emails — have leaked to the media. Even worse, threats against theatergoers have…Read more ›

Be careful of using any app’s browser except Safari until Apple fixes this iOS security hole

If you regularly use an iPhone or iPad app that uses a built-in browser, you could be vulnerable to a major vulnerability in iOS that allows unscrupulous app developers to spy on your typing. The vulnerability was discovered by Craig…Read more ›

AllCast For Android Streams Your Content To Pretty Much Anything (Except ChromeCast)

The Apple TV and Google Chromecast are pretty cool, but I know I’m not the only one who wishes I could stream whatever media I want to whatever device I want, without worrying about proprietary standards. Until we get a…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Steve Jobs Would Have Loved Everything About Disney’s New Infinity Game Universe — Except One Thing


LOS ANGELES — It felt like a wrap party for a big-budget Hollywood flick at Disney’s El Capitan Theatre, complete with fancy food and big names like Pixar chief John Lasseter in attendance. But Disney’s Infinity announcement on Tuesday was a massive project in which Pixar, the Disney-owned digital animation studio that once belonged to Steve Jobs, played only one of the major roles.

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AT&T Gives FaceTime Over Cellular Back To Everyone Except Those With Grandfathered Unlimited Data

Five years on, the iPhone's still got it.

AT&T has been dancing around its FaceTime restrictions for several months now. Before iOS 6 even went public, it was discovered that the carrier would block FaceTime calls over a cellular connection at its own discretion. AT&T later confirmed that users would have to be on one of its new shared data plans.

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Americans Will Give Up Just About Anything For a Week Except Their iPhone

Food, air, water, sleep. Oh, yeah, and an iPhone. That’s about the complete list of things Americans need to live these days, according to a new survey highlighted by CBS News today. Shoes? Don’t need ’em. Sex? Don’t need it. iPhone? Don’t even think about it! In what amounts to a telling revelation about our obsession with and dependence upon the iPhone, a national survey conducted by TeleNav shows that 40% of iPhone users would  [Read More…]

The White iPhone 4 Is Thicker Than The Black One. Except When It Isnt

Ah, the humble white iPhone. When Apple first announced it way back in 2010 nobody could foresee the headline making chaos that would ensue and certainly nobody could have predicted we’d still be debating the handset all these months later. Even more amazing is what we’re all getting so hot under the collar about – is the white iPhone thicker than the black one? Well, kinda, yeah.

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