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Apple is looking to beef up its ads on iTunes Radio and has poached a top radio ad exec in the process as it prepares to open its service to a wider array of advertisers in 2014. Michael Pallad, former… Read more ›     

Last month, Qualcomm representative Anand Chandrasekher called Apple’s new 64-bit A7 chip a “gimmick.” It was a hugely stupid thing to say, leading to Qualcomm actually correcting Chandrasekher’s remarks. But it also might have killed Chandrasekher’s career, at least in…

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bob mansfieldVeteran Apple executive Bob Mansfield is no longer a member of the company’s executive team. But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t left altogether. Mansfield is still working in an unknown capacity on “special projects” for Tim Cook. He was previously responsible for leading the new Technologies group that was formed during the big executive shakeup last [...]

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A5X inside, but nothing else new.Apple is starting to give more attention to the Apple TV, as the recent additions of content like HBO Go and WatchESPN prove. Negotiations to stream cable content via the Apple TV have been underway, and Apple is almost ready to close a deal with Time Warner Cable. Former Hulu executive Pete Distad has also [...]

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Google’s Technology Ambassador thinks using Apple Maps might kill you

Michael T. Jones has a helluva fun job. He’s the Chief Technology Ambassador for Google, and as such, he not only gets to work for one of the coolest companies in the world, he also gets to cruise around the world and tell people why Google is so darn awesome.

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Continuing a new trend among senior executives, Apple’s general counsel has joined the Board of Directors at Vail Resorts, a ski resort company with locations in Colorado, Minnesota, Michigan and Wyoming. Bruce Sewell currently serves as Apple’s “general counsel and senior vice president of Legal and Government Affairs. Believe it or not, he worked as a professional ski patroller during his college years.

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Longtime Apple executive Bob Mansfield just had a big pay day, according to a new filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Mansfield just cashed in 35,000 shares of Apple stock valued at $ 582.21 per share, earning him $ 20.37 million.

After announcing his retirement but then staying on at Apple to lead the company’s mysterious new “Technologies” group, Mansfield now reports directly to CEO Tim Cook. He’s just as instrumental to the company’s success as  [Read More...]

Cultcast iPad Mini

This week at Apple, two important executives just got picked off the tree, and on our newest CultCast, we’ll tell you what the departure of long time exec Scott Forstall and the just-hired John Browett means for iOS, OS X, Apple stores, and all the great Apple products you adore. Plus, Jony Ive’s about to get even more design control over all the Macs you love to own, but the question is,  [Read More...]

Notice who *didn’t* sign this letter?

Scott Forstall, the head of iOS for the past several years, was asked to leave Apple today, a move The Wall Street Journal is reporting as due to his refusal to sign his name to the letter of apology for the incomplete feature set and poor performance of iOS 6′s new Maps app.

The journal cites “people familiar with the matter,” who report that both Forstall  [Read More...]


iPad vs. Dell Streak Android tablet

Just a few short weeks ago, Michael Dell announced that his company should no longer be considered a consumer PC and device maker. Dell should now be considered an IT vendor with a focus on enterprise data center products, went the message. The company was going to get out of the device and peripheral business. What a difference a few weeks can make when  [Read More...]