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Apple adds some diversity to its executive leadership page

To go along with its Diversity week celebrations that have included Tim Cook taking an icy bath, Apple has added a little diversity to its executive leadership page today, by adding a new tier full of fresh faces. The Apple…Read more ›

Ex-Apple executive says the App Store should be more like Reddit

Since it first opened up in Julu of 2008, the App Store has paid developers over $ 13 billion at last count, and the marketplace hosts are over 1 million third-party programs. That makes the App Store a success by almost…Read more ›

WTF? Ex-Apple Executive Apologize For The Original iPhone, Says It “Wasn’t Great”

Here’s a hard to believe story: one of Apple’s executives behind the original iPhone has gone so far as to apologize to anyone who bought one during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week. Why? According to ex-Apple senior director…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Jony Ive Vanishes From Apple’s Executive Profiles Page [Update]

UPDATE: Shortly after posting this news item, Ive’s photo appeared back on the U.S. Executives Profiles page. In a strange move, Jony Ive’s picture has vanished from Apple’s online list of executives – although his profile page is still accessible…Read more ›    

The Executive Promises Werewolf-Bashing Action For iOS [Video]

Wonder what it would look like if Tim Cook (or a similarly high-powered executive) was forced to augment their usual duties by battling lycanthropes? Riverman Media may just have an answer for you. The developers of Pizza vs. Skeletons, have…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Fortune Lists Apple’s New Retail Chief As World’s Fourth Top Executive

Tim Cook caused quite a stir in the worlds of both tech and fashion earlier this year when he announced that Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts would be leaving the famous trench-coat maker to head up Apple’s retail divisions. Ahrendts new position at…Read more ›    [Read More…]

The Executive, The Perfect iPad Keyboard/Stand For Sweaty, Nylon-Suited Businessmen

excretive“The Executive.” The very name brings to mind leather cellphone accessories, oversized black onyx desks and “business class” seats on a 737, which consist of a curtain between you and the oiks, an inch of extra legroom and a terrible, plastic-wrapped breakfast to shove into your gullet during the 25 minutes of non-restricted flight time. […]

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Executive Testifies That Publishers Gave Amazon An Ultimatum After E-Book Deal With Apple

Interesting tag-line, really.

Interesting tag-line, really.

According to Russel Grandinetti, vice president for Kindle content at Amazon, publishers involved with the e-book anti-trust federal case told the Seattle-based retailer that unless Amazon agreed to their terms, it would have been barred from releasing e-books on the same day as print on Kindle, the wildly popular e-reader device that Amazon sells.

Grandinetti testified today that this ultimatum to switch to an agency model  [Read More…]

The Son Of An Apple Senior Executive Is Working On Mailbox For iPhone

Like father, like son.

Like father, like son.

What do you get when you combine a highly anticipated iPhone app with a fascinating link to a senior executive at the most valuable company on earth? You get Mailbox and Adam Cue, a software engineer working on the hyped email app that’s going public soon. Cue works at Orchestra, the app development company behind Mailbox. You may recognize Adam’s last name because it also happens  [Read More…]

Scott Forstall’s Official New Title Is ‘Special Advisor To The Chief Executive Officer’

Now that fiscal 2012 is over, Apple has filed its year-end 10k document to the SEC that contains a trove of financial data. Also contained in the filing is an item that contains information about Scott Forstall’s new role.

Forstall was removed as Senior Vice President of Mobile Software on Monday but will be stay at till 2013 in a special role under Tim Cook too keep him from jumping ship  [Read More…]