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Blackberry Is Now Suing Its Executives To Prevent Them From Going To Work For Apple

Blackberry — the beleaguered Canadian smartphone maker who controls literally 0 percent U.S. market share — is now suing its own executives to prevent them from quitting their jobs and flocking to Apple. Really! Sebastien Marineau-Mes is Blackberry’s SVP of…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Samsung Executives Waited Four Days Before Telling Chairman They Lost To Apple

Fearing the fury of your boss after a really crappyperformance isn’t unique to any profession. No one wants to make the big kahuna angry, and see them go nuts. Samsung’s executives tried to take the “maybe the chairman won’t be so mad if we wait a few days to tell him the bad news” approach. It didn’t work.

Last Friday, Samsung received the verdict that Apple won the patent lawsuit in  [Read More…]

iPhone/iPad-toting CEOs & Executives Most Likely To Ignore Security Rules

Executives and senior managers are the most likely to ignore security guidelines

The biggest challenge for many business when dealing with the consumerization of IT and BYOD trends is often cultural. IT needs to cede control of devices, app choices, and where/when employees and executives actually interact with corporate data. Thats a cultural shift for IT. Theres an equal cultural shift that needs to happen when it comes to users  [Read More…]

Apple Searches For Senior Executives With Backgrounds In “Web-Based Software”

According to a new report fromThe Wall Street Journal, Apple is actively seeking senior-level executives to help the company build new apps and products to take full advantage of the cloud. The company is seeking to fill the leadership positions with people who have backgrounds in Web-based software. Sources are saying that Apple has not only turned to a prominent Internet entrepreneur but also to recruiters in the hunt for the right people. The Cupertino  [Read More…]

Apple Senior Executives Get Massive Payday if They Stay Through 2016

The last ten years have been good for those fortunate and talented enough to be part of Apples Senior Executive team. And not it just got a lot more lucrative. According to the Wall Street Journal Apple awarded members of it Senior Executive team stick grants worth roughly $60 million dollars valued at current market prices. The document filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission revealed Apple granted the executives restricted stock shares as an  [Read More…]

Top Gaming PR Executives Heading to Apple

Click the image to open in full size. Rumor has it that top PR executives from Activision and Nintendo are heading over to Apple according to a new report coming out of MVC. Apple clearly intends to focus more attention on the merits of iOS gaming with these new hires. Rob Saunders, the head of PR at Nintendo UK, will shortly be joining Apple to focus on PR for the iPhone, iPod Touch and  [Read More…]