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Updated MacBook Pros Released with New CPUs, Butterfly Keyboard Repair Program Expanded

Apple quietly updated the MacBook Pro line today via press release, offering faster processors and improved speeds at up to a 40% increase in performance. Apple also told select members of the press that the updated MacBook Pros include improved keyboard materials that aim to reduce keyboard failures. Additionally in regards to keyboards, Apple is … Read More

How to Show the Expanded Print Details Dialog in Mac OS by Default

Do you frequently access the detailed printing options when printing from a Mac? If so, you’ll really appreciate this trick to always show the expanded print dialog window and settings screen. For some quick background, typically when you go to print if you want to see expanded printing options like print paper orientation and paper … Read More

Apple is raising $17 billion in debt for expanded buyback program

Wall Street is lining up to stuff its pockets with cash from Apple’s money printing empire, but rather than dipping into its massive offshore cash pile to pay for its expanded buyback program, Apple is once again planning to raise…Read more ›

Expanded Apple Store In SF’s Stonestown Galleria To Re-open This Saturday

Apple’s Stonestown Galleria retail store in San Francisco, will reopen at 8am PST Saturday, December 14 — following an expansion that has increased the size of the location to 7,690 square feet. Prior to its closing for expansion, the Stonestown…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Apple Reportedly Tinkering With Expanded Genius Bar Layout

Owning the most profitable square footage of any global retailer in human history, Apple takes very seriously what it does with its retail space. And from the reports we’ve been hearing, it looks like a change could be coming to the Genius Bar at your nearest Apple Store. On Sunday, Gary Allen of ifoapplestore.com reported that Apple is, indeed, making adjustments to the Genius Bar setup at one store location (with the underlying suggestion being that  [Read More…]

Get The Most Out Of Lions Expanded Spotlight Searches [OS X Tips]

  Here is a tip that will show you how to get the most out of two new Spotlight search features that expand that utilities reach quiet a bit. The version of Spotlight that ships with Mac OS X Lion now includes Web and Wikipedia searches just like the ones we are used to seeing on iOS. Now Mac OS X Lion can not only search your Mac, but its  [Read More…]

Apple Seeking Expanded Access to iTunes Downloads Across All iOS Devices

Click the image to open in full size. Apple is said to be actively engaged in negotiations with four major record labels to give iOS device users something they desperately want – expanded access to their digital music across all of their iOS devices. As a result, progress is apparently being made, the eventual outcome of which could be a new agreement between Apple and its largest digital music providers by the middle of  [Read More…]