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Everything We Expect Apple To Announce At WWDC 2012 [Feature]

Workers are already getting ready for WWDC 2012, and so are we.

On Monday, Tim Cook will take the stage at the Moscone Center in San Francisco for Apple’s annual WWDC keynote, and if the rumor mill is to be believed, he’ll be hard pressed to fit everything Cupertino is ready to announce into its 90 minute presentation. We’re looking at massive upgrades to the entire Mac line, the official  [Read More…]

IT Leaders On iPad 3 – We Don’t Expect Apple To Deliver Enterprise Features

What do IT staffers and execs want to see in the iPad 3? Pretty much the same things as everyone else. Apple is the pink elephant in the room at the CITE Conference in San Francisco. The company isn’t participating but the company’s products, particularly the iPad, are constantly being discussed. In talking to attendees about tomorrow’s iPad 3 launch event, there isn’t a specific IT-oriented feature that they want  [Read More…]

What We Expect From Apple’s iPad 3 Announcement Next Week [Rumor Roundup]

Apple has officially confirmed that an iPad event is set to take place on Wednesday, March 7th at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, California. “We have something you really want to see. And touch,” teases the press invitation. Months and months of rampant speculation and conspiracy stories have built up to next week’s event, and no one really knows what  [Read More…]

Expect To See A Truck Load of SSDs At CES Thanks To Apple [CES 2012]

  For years we’ve heard a lot of hype about SSDs and how they’re going to change computing, but their progress has been slow, and the masses have been getting impatient. Well CES 2012 will be the start of SSDs officially entering into mainstream use thanks to Apple Inc. The best purchase I made in 2011 was when I replaced  [Read More…]

CES 2012 Preview: Expect New Full Frame Flagship Pro DSLR Cameras From Nikon

Nikon d4 Nikon fans, rejoice! Word on the street says the Nikon mothership is going to announce a new flagship professional-grade FX (full frame) DSLR camera, possibly two, at its Thailand headquarters during their January 6th “The Image You Are Waiting For” press event. And if the rumors are true, you can bet Nikon is going to be showing off their new baby on the floors of CES, and we’ll be there to  [Read More…]

CES 2012 Preview: What To Expect

The biggest tech trade show in the U.S. is just a week away. And while Apple doesn’t officially take part in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), its influence will be everywhere. Take Ultrabooks, for example — the PC industry’s answer to the hyper-successful MacBook Air. Attempting to catch up, Apple’s rivals will be showcasing 30 to 50  [Read More…]

Android At CES: What We Can Expect And What We’d Like To See

With CES only a few weeks away, we’re preparing ourselves for what is surely going to be an Android extravaganza. With Android activations surpassing 700,000 devices per day, it would be unwise for any company to ignore its strong market presence. This leads us to believe CES 2012 will be chock full of Android goodness. We’re going to dive into a few products and announcements we expect to see this year,  [Read More…]

Walter Isaacson Plans Annotated, Updated Steve Jobs Bio, But Don’t Expect A Chapter On Philanthropy

Can’t get enough of Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography? Apparently neither can he. Isaacson is now saying he plans to expand the Steve Jobs bio to include annotations and new addendums.   CNN Fortune reports: The author discussed potential plans for expanding the already 630-page book in the future. One possibility is doing an extensively annotated version. Another is writing an addendum that addresses the period surrounding Jobs’ death. Fleshing  [Read More…]

Here Are The Holiday Discounts You Can Expect From Apple This Black Friday [Apple Store Shopping Guide]

The biggest shopping day of the year is fast approaching. This Friday, countless retailers all over the U.S. will be slashing prices for Black Friday, causing a frenzy amongst shoppers who cannot wait to spend some of their hard-earned cash on discounted goods. Apple famously recognizes the event by discounting some of its hottest products in the Apple online store for one day only, with savings to be made on  [Read More…]

Schools Expect iPads To Outnumber Computers In Next Five Years [Report]

The days of students lugging around massive backpacks loaded with heavy textbooks are numbered. According to a new poll of educational IT directors, signs are strong that within the next five years, all U.S. schools could adopt tablets, many as a replacement for textbooks. The good news for Apple is that in education circles (as with most consumers) the only tablet worth considering is the iPad.   All 25 educational IT  [Read More…]