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iPhone 4S Pre-Orders Begin Shipping, But Don’t Expect to Get Yours Early

A number of lucky customers who pre-ordered the iPhone 4S on Friday, October 7, are already receiving shipping notices to say that their devices on the way — 4 days before the device is scheduled to launch. The orders are available for tracking via UPS with expected delivery dates ahead of this Friday, however, don’t expect your package to arrive early. Although these orders may have already reached the shipping stage,  [Read More…]

Here’s What You Can Expect to Pay for Your iPhone 4S When it Launches on Oct. 14 [Rumor]

After months and months of speculation, Apple will finally unveil its fifth-generation iPhone later today, but when will you be able to get your hands on it? According to one report, the iPhone 4S will launch in ten days, on October 14, and will start at around $ 99 for a 16GB model. 9to5Mac says that these figures are based on international pricing — gleaned from “whispers they’ve heard” — and  [Read More…]

This Is Everything That You Can Expect Apple To Announce At Tomorrow’s ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ Event [Predictions / Sticky]

Editor’s Note: This post has been stickied to the top of the front page. There are probably new posts since your last visit below it. Hey, we know: after sixteen months of rumors, figuring out exactly what to expect from Apple’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” event tomorrow can be confusing. Well, let us break it all down for you. Here’s everything we know (or think we know) about what Apple’s going  [Read More…]

The iPod Touch Will Go Albino This Year… But Don’t Expect Other Big Changes

We’ve heard before that while Apple will steroid charge the iPhone 5 in October, the iPod Touch isn’t likely to see a serious update. After all, short of doubling its storage space (an idea obviated by iCloud) or 3G support (which would make the iPod Touch more expensive and — yep — about as thick as an iPhone), the iPod Touch is pretty much a perfect product for the money.  [Read More…]

AppleCare Reps Expect iOS 5 and iCloud To Land On October 10th

There have been a lot of dates floated around for when Apple will release iOS 5, but if this report is accurate, the date you should be circling on your calendars is October 10th. Why? Because Apple expects to start getting a lot of tech support issues on that day.   According to a source speaking to Apple Insider: Apple has reportedly informed its AppleCare division to expect an influx  [Read More…]

Canadian Carrier Begins iPhone 5 Employee Training, May Expect Next iPhone Within Weeks [Rumor]

Take this with a huge grain of salt, but one site is reporting that a new leaked memo says that Canadian wireless carrier Rogers is already making their employees undertake “iPhone Pre-Launch Training.” If history’s any guide, that could mean the iPhone 5 will be out within three weeks.