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Apple Watch makers expecting ‘surge in orders’ for second half of 2015

People working on the Apple Watch supply chain are said to be expecting a “possible surge in orders” for the second half of 2015, as Apple’s debut wearable device continues to gain momentum in the marketplace. According to a new…Read more ›

Borderlands Legends Coming To iOS Next Week, But It’s Not What You’re Expecting

It’s official!

On Monday, we learned Gearbox Software was finally gearing up to bring its Borderlands franchise to iOS. An advert in a digital game guide for Borderlands 2 revealed the title’s name, Borderlands Legends, and promised that the title would arrive this month.

Gearbox has now confirmed that Borderlands Legends will be hitting the App Store on October 31, but it might not be what you were expecting.When I heard Borderlands was coming to iOS, I immediately began drooling over a  [Read More…]

Target Marks iPad 2 As End Of Life Are They Expecting The iPad 3 In October?

Well, thats certainly interesting. Target has just declared the iPad 2 in its end-of-life. Interesting, because it implies that Apples about to release the iPad 3, but ultimately, more likely some database enterers wishful thinking or a screw up than anything else.   First noted by TipB, the iPad 2 has been marked as discontinued at Target well, at least the 16GB model in WiFi, Verizon and At&T flavors. TipB  [Read More…]