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WDís 10,000RPM Thunderbolt VelociRaptor Is So Expensive You Get A Free Cable

It might not look it, but this thing is fast.



Wowsers! Western Digital’s Thunderbolt My Book VelociRaptor Duo is all about the big numbers. 10,000 RPM platters, 2TB storage, 10Gb/s transfer (in both directions) and – if you daisy-chain it with other Thunderbolt drives – you can RAID things up to make them even faster.

Heck, even the price is impressive: $ 860. Ouch!


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The Retina MacBook Pro Gets Some Sick (And Expensive) New Build-To-Order Upgrade

Want a Retina MacBook Pro? Want to spend even more</em gobs of money on it? Apple has just expanded the build-to-order options for their most powerful notebook, allowing you to jack up the CPU to up to a 2.7GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 processor, or even upgrade the SSD to up to 768GB of flash. Now the most expensive Retina MacBook Pro you can buy is a whopping $ 3,749.00!

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Forget The Retina MacBook Pro, These Are The Five Most Expensive Apple Computers Of All Time

You might think that the new MacBook Pro with Retina display breaks the bank as far as computers go, but compared to some of Apple’s older machines, it’s just a drop in the bucket. Apple has never had the most economical options for computers, but they’ve come a long way towards being affordable to most consumers. Don’t believe me? Forbes has compiled a list of the five most expensive Apple computers  [Read More…]

AT&T Announces All New (And More Expensive) iPhone & iPad Data Plans

AT&T has been forcing the same crappy $ 25 for 2GB plan down everyoneís throat since June 2010, but now theyíre upgrading it for the first time. Starting Sunday, AT&T will be upgrading all their new smartphone data plans with larger data allocationsÖ and larger prices. Yes, pay-by-the-month iPad users, that means you too.   Starting Sunday, January 22nd, these will be the new plans, replacing the current $ 15  [Read More…]

AT&T Call International App More Expensive Than Skype and Other VOIP Options

AT&Ts is marketing their Call International app as a cheap way for subscribers to make calls internationally. In reality, it’s a Voice Over IP app with an added layer of complex obsolescence. The Call International app isnít a cheap way to make cell phone calls internationally over a cellular networks. Rather itís an expensive way to make VOIP phone calls anywhere. Skype or any other VOIP application give users more functionality at cheaper prices. The  [Read More…]

New MacBook Airs Still Have Replaceable Hard Drives, SSDs Still Really Expensive

Thankfully, just like the previous MacBook Airs, the new 2011 models have user replaceable hard drives. There was much speculation that Apple would start soldering the SSDs to the MBA’s logic board in the newer models, but this isn’t the case and allows users install their own SSD solution. While Apple’s SSD upgrades aren’t crazy silly expensive, the SSDs Apple uses are far and away not the fastest SSDs on the market. OWC offers users  [Read More…]